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    Burpee’s Got You Covered!

    By | April 25th, 2010
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    Attack of the Iron Man variants! This list was hijacked by Iron Man variants from a variety of Marvel titles. While I didn’t think I enjoyed those variants too much when they were announced I found myself unable to take them off the list when I was narrowing it down this week. Outside of Iron Man we have a rather eclectic mix, as is the usual around these parts. So check out the list after the jump.

    Batman: Streets of Gotham #11
    By Dustin Nguyen

    This is just a classic shot of Batman and Robin. What makes it cool though is as classic looking as it is it is actually very modern. I say this because it features the new Batman and Robin. I love the contradiction of the classic/modern feel of this shot. Nguyen is really a master artist when it comes to Batman.

    Queen Sonja #6
    By Lucio Parrillo

    Surprisingly this is the second time Sonja has made my list. I just really like the shot of her and the skull and a touch of blood. Nothing spectacular but beautiful in it’s own slightly creepy way.

    Dark Wolverine #85
    By Stephen Segovia

    This is just a creepy ass cover. It’s almost like he’s taking his fathers meat mask off. I do appreciate what the cover is saying here. It’s essentially saying ok, I’ve been my father’s duplicate all through this Dark Reign stuff and now it’s time to be me again. It’s a great way to show him shedding his father’s image and becoming Daken again. It’s very clever and appropriate for the title.

    Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #10
    By Arthur Suydam

    Obvious homage to the classic Wolverine #1 cover but done with Deadpool style. Every time I see this cover I crack up. It’s also nice to see that Suydam can do more than horror/zombie stuff. While that stuff is great it’s nice to see some diversity.

    Nova #36 (Iron Man By Design Variant)
    By John Tyler Christopher

    This is a very sleek and stylized cover. It’s got that sci-fi space epic feel to it. I like that it has that feel because some of these covers don’t really fit with the title they are covering. Overall, a very cool piece that is different from all the other Iron Man by design covers which are all already very unique.

    X-Factor #204 (Iron Man By Design Variant)
    By Frederic Genet

    This is a perfect example of the cover having no relevance what so ever to the title it’s on. Having said that this is a badass cover. If this were the cover to a new Iron Man book featuring this Iron Man character I would buy it. I absolutely love the lighting effects that are coming from the sky and from the suit itself as well.

    X-Men Legacy #235 (Iron Man By Design Variant)
    By Dave Johnson

    Iron Man vs Alien Invaders of the b-movie style! FANTASTIC! I don’t have much to say except that this cover is ridiculously awesome.

    Continued below

    DV8: Monsters and Gods #1
    By Fiona Staples

    This is a very simple cover with a woman falling from the sky but it was enough to get me to pick up a comic I have never read. It wasn’t even on my radar this week but when I saw it on the shelf I instantly thought, “What’s going on here?” and flipped the through it. Cover sold me on the title which I ended up totally digging.

    The Tick: New Series #3
    By Les McClaine

    The Tick is plunging a toilet! hahahaha Awesome! SPOOOOOOOON!

    Now the obligatory look at the top three artists as decided buy times they’ve found themselves on this list. This week the top three gets a little shake up as there is nw a tie in the three spot. So here is the top three:

    Adi Granov — 7
    David Finch — 5
    Adam Kubert — 3
    Lucio Parillo — 3

    Another week another list! See everyone next week

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