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    Burpee’s Got You Covered!

    By | September 5th, 2010
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    Yo ho ho! There are just two coves this week but they are awesome! I mean it. They are excellent pieces of art. I mean, would they be on this list if they weren’t? Anyway let’s cut the jibber jabber and get right into it.

    Hit the jump like a champ…

    2. R.E.B.E.L.S. #20
    by David Finch

    I really enjoy Finch’s covers. I’m really digging his transition into doing an almost Frazzetta style of painting. I’ve seen a few of these now and they’re stunning. My favorite of these new painted Finch pieces is not a cover.

    As far as this cover goes, I really enjoy his interpretation of Lobo. He looks more gnarly than usual in this painted style. He looks like he’s going to kick your ass! He’s already got the murder weapon in his hands you bastich!

    Lastly, I’ve been a big fan of the recent covers featuring Lobo because they all have one thing in common. They all have him dropping some line that makes me smile. It’s just a great touch for the character.

    Now all we need is some more Lil Lobo from Young Justice. Oh wait….no, perhaps we don’t.

    1. izombie #5
    by Michael Allred

    I wasn’t that big a fan of this cover until it was in my hands. Once in my hands I really was able to look at the cover and appreciate the craftsmanship that went into it. The way the creator’s names, the title, and the issue number are presented on the cover makes this a beautifully fluid piece. At no time do your eyes have to shift around to see it all. It just kind of happens in an organic way. Unlike some covers where there is just a ton of stuff crammed in for your eyes to devour like a buffet, this cover is instead a fine dining experience and the presentation is perfect.

    Oh and can I just state that for some reason I love how beautiful the stars look on this cover? Those things shine like the real thing. They are crazy haunting. I love it.

    Well, that means Finch inches one step closer to the top. The interesting thing is that the three-way tie for the third spot has not moved in some time. I thought for sure someone else would have moved into a tie with them or that one of those artists in the third spot would have moved themselves into a solid solo third place. We still have all the time in the world though. Even more interesting is that it’s been a grip since Adi has gained a place. Is it only a matter of time before he drops out? That’d be interesting.

    So here’s the artists standings. For those of you that are new to this column the number to the left of the artist is their ranking based on the number of appearances they’ve made on this list since its inception. The number of times the artist has been on this list is to the right of their name.

    1. Adi Granov — 13
    2. David Finch — 11
    3. Adam Kubert — 4
    3. Chris Bachalo — 4
    3. Dave Johnson — 4

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