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    Burpee’s Got You Covered!

    By | January 31st, 2010
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    This week brings us some truly good covers. It also marks the return to the list for an artist who is starting to become a live in guest of the list. I also bring to you yet another of my side categories. This one you should have seen coming but probably didn’t. If you’ve watched my Asylum show than you’ll not be surprised by this category. So shall we get getting with it?! Alright, let’s…

    So let’s start out with this weeks side category!

    Marvel’s Annual Creepy Pregnant Chick Cover
    Guardians of The Galaxy #22
    by Alex Garner

    What is it with Marvel the last couple of years? Last year it was the Menace pregnant cover, which I loved, and this year we’ve got Moondragon all preggos with eggos in the toaster. Not sure which one looks creepier but I DO know I hope this creepy pregnant chick tradition is kept alive! Who will we see next year?! I personally throw my vote behind a wicked Cassandra Nova pregnant cover. How about you fanpeeps?

    5. Iron Man: I Am Iron Man! #1
    By Adi Granov

    Adi Granov really is the modern day master of the Iron Man suit. His style provides such a perfect representation of Iron Man. This cover does a great job of providing both an iconic looking shot of the armor. If you’re a new reader you’re bound to at least pick this baby up. If you then are lucky enough to open it and read it you’ll find one of the better Iron Man runs in some time. That though is a whole separate column.

    4. X-Men: Legacy #232
    by Adi Granov

    Seems like Mr. Granov tends to frequent my lists of covers doesn’t it? This cover has both sex appeal and mystique. For long time X-Fans this cover screams of old flames and storylines enjoyed by many. With these two on the cover in such an embrace one can’t help but be intrigued by the interior. Sleeping with the enemy indeed.

    3. The Marvelous Land of OZ #3
    by Skottie Young

    I’ve heard great things about these OZ titles but I’ve yet to read one. This cover is extremely cool. It has that propaganda feel but in such a creative and unique way. It stands out amongst the other covers without a shadow of a doubt. The basic color scheme keeps in line with the viva revolution style propaganda theme and really helps to solidify the image as a brilliant piece.

    2. President Evil #4
    by David Hutchinson


    1. Supergirl #49
    by Joshua Middleton

    The loneliness and sorrow in this cover is so well conveyed. Even if you don’t know what is going on inside you can still get wrapped up in the emotions that Middleton provides. Both Kara’s body language and the hospital hall show how alone and vulnerable she clearly feels. This is a great piece and really draws the eye to the comic. It provides a great first look response of, “hmmm…wonder what’s going on there”.

    Well, that’s all folks. Tune in next time to the same Burp channel at the same Burp time!


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