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    Comics Should Be Cheap! (5/10/2017)

    By | May 9th, 2017
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    Buying comics can be an expensive hobby. A lot of fans simply can’t afford everything they’re interested in, due to rising prices and the over-saturation of the market with superhero titles.

    That’s why we’re here. Every week, the Multiversity staff is asked “What would you buy this week if you couldn’t go over $20?” and shares their reasons why, in order to help others who might have similar tastes make their own decisions in buying comics on a budget. Be sure to leave your own picks in the comments!

    Leo’s Picks: 

    Rock Candy Mountain #2 ($3.99) – The first issue of “Rock Candy Mountain” delivered on a lot of what makes Kyle Starks’ solo work great – weird, ridiculous humor and over the top fights. This next issue seems to double down on the latter because we’re literally going to see an underground hobo fight club. Already in the running for my favorite book of 2017 just for the hobo fight club.

    Copperhead #13 ($3.99) – “Copperhead” keeps trucking along after its long hiatus. Someone has killed the mayor and Clara aims to get to the bottom of things, though it’s never quite that simple on Copperhead. I’m still not sure if the book has quite the same personality since the artist switch after Godlewski apparently left the book, but it’s still damn solid.

    Grass Kings #3 ($3.99) – Robert and Bruce are finding out where Maria really came from in this issue, and things aren’t looking great. Kindt and Jenkins continue to tell a tight little mystery story wrapped in a drama between two feuding groups. I’m really interested to see where the story goes and will stick around indefinitely if Jenkins continues to make the book so damn pretty and moody.

    Total: $11.97. A bit of a light week for me, honestly. Save up those extra dollars for when the next trade of your favorite book comes out.

    Kent’s Picks

    Grand Passion #5 ($3.99) – James Robinson’s genre mashup built to an explosive climax last month. Now, everyone’s coming together as this issue closes out the surprisingly taut noir-lequin romance. Will a dirty police force win the day, or will the two titular lovers pull out just in time?.

    Bug: The Adventures of Forager #1 ($3.99) – A lesser known New God in the hands of the brothers Allred. I’ll just let McConaughey take this one home – alright, alright, alright.

    Redline #3 ($3.99) – Military occupation of Mars and corporate involvement in the war machine fall under the purview of Neal Holman and Clayton McCormack’s sci-fi series from Oni. It’s also blisteringly funny, in that same nihilistic vein of FX’s best comedies. Though the laughs might be dark, this one’s proving that it’s always sunny on Mars.

    Titans #11 ($3.99) – Christopher Priest’s work with Deathstroke has me wading into the pages of “Titans” for the first time. Not quite sure what I’m getting into, but since this kicks off ‘The Lazarus Contract’ crossover, it should be friendly enough waters. Plus, for as big a Dan Abnett fan as I am, I’ve never actually read a page of his DC work. Seems about time to remedy that.

    Total: $15.99 – Should probably just pocket the change for a heavier week. But if that money is really burning a hole come Wednesday, I might check out “Regression” #1 or “Rocket” #1.

    Matt Lune’s Picks:

    Bug The Adventures Of Forager #1 ($3.99) – I don’t know a great deal about the original New Gods character, but I do know that DC has been knocking these Young Animal titles out of the park, and any book with the Allreds attached has instantly got my money.

    Eternal Warrior Awakening #1 ($3.99) – The second of Valiant’s 25th-anniversary one-shots, this time focused on one of my favorite Valiant characters. He’s like Highlander mixed with Russel Crowe’s Gladiator, and almost all of his appearances have been epic. Definitely looking forward to this.

    Misfit City #1 ($3.99) – The solicit for this makes it sound like a meta-adventure series set in the town where they filmed the movie The Goonies, except there’s a real treasure map that these modern day kids must follow, just like the kids in the film? Let’s face it, they had me at Goonies.

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    Regression #1 ($3.99) – Cullen Bunn does horror so well, and this looks like no exception. A book about demonic visions, past-life regression, occult conspiracies and…whatever the hell that is on the cover, this is one I’ve been waiting for.

    Rock Candy Mountain #2 ($3.99) – I love love love Kyle Starks. Loved all of his work so far, and the first issue of this series was everything I wanted from a fighting-hobo-buddy-comedy-action-movie-road-trip which also has the actual devil chasing our heroes. This issue promises more fighting in a legit Hobo Fight Club so yeah. Count me in, please.

    Total: $19.95 – Some great indie titles out this week, something for all types of reader too

    Justin’s Picks:

    AD: After Death #3 ($5.99) – Even if Scott Snyder doesn’t stick the landing for the end of this mini-series, the journey has been really fun. Snyder has played with integrating prose sections into his books before, but I think Jeff Lemire has realized that vision the best so far.

    All-Star Batman #10 ($4.99) – Speaking of Snyder, this next “All-Star Batman” arc focuses on Alfred. More of these stories, please. Plus, I’m kind of getting my “American Vampire” fix, because Rafael Albuquerque is doing the full ‘First Ally’ story line.

    Godshaper #2 ($3.99) – The first issue felt like a Hayao Miyazaki film; the world is high-fantasy but still accessible. I can’t wait to see where Si Spurrier and Jonas Goonface take this series.

    Star Wars: Screaming Citadel #1 ($4.99) – Doctor Aphra was a great supporting character in Kieron Gillen’s “Darth Vader,” but her solo series has been a bit disappointing. I feel like it’s because there aren’t any other major Star Wars characters to play off of, so I’m excited to see her brought into Luke’s orbit. I’m also quietly hoping that Aphra can fill a little of the Mara Jade-sized hole in the expanded universe.

    Total: $19.96. Lots of pricey books this week so I get one less than usual.

    Ramon’s Picks:

    The Fix #9 $3.99 — Nick Spencer is getting a whole lot of hate lately, nobody asked for my opinion but here is my two cents: this book is proof of how great writer he is. His sense of humor is very dark and acid, and I would say this is also reflected on “Captain America” and “Secret Empire”, as you have read. Give him a chance, if you definitely can’t stand Hydra-Cap, buy this book instead, you are going to have a lot of fun.

    Silver Surfer #11 ($3.99) — If you ask me for the definitive title from Dan Slott, I would choose this one. And I know his lengthy “Amazing Spider-Man” run is now part of the Marvel History, but this cosmic adventure is destined to be a run for the ages, a magnum opus for both Slott and Allred. Just like the solicit says “you need to read this story.”

    Bug! The Adventures of Forager #1 ($3.99) — Here’s all I know: This is a character from the “New Gods”. This title is going to be a tribute to Kirby. And It’s going to be done by the Allred family, I don’t know anything else, and I don’t care, I’m in.

    Little Josie and the Pussycats One-Shot ($4.99) — Aw yeah! The always funny team of Baltazar & Franco, and the Archie Universe are perfect for each other, we’ve had “Little Archie” and “Little Sabrina” so far this year, now it’s time to focus the spotlight on the Pussycats and I know I’m going to be literally laughing out loud.

    Total: $16.97. Trade waiters, I suggest “Batman Arkham Mister Freeze” ($19.99), “Betty and Veronica” by Adam Hughes, Vol. 1 ($12.99), and “Archie’s Coloring Book” #1 ($9.99), I mean, come on, a chance to color Archie’s universe? I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

    Mark’s Picks:

    Misfit City #1 ($3.99) — From what I’ve heard, this seems like it’s going to be fun. From the pitch, you can see The Goonies influence, but I’m hoping it goes far beyond that. I’m a sucker for a good treasure hunt story (for which I blame “Tintin”).

    Continued below

    Black Cloud #2 ($3.99) — A new series that escaped my notice when #1 came out. I find the premise intriguing and it’s got a strong creative team, so it really demands that I check it out.

    Harrow County #23 ($3.99) — This one I’ve already read and it was fantastic. Bunn and and Crook explore Lovey’s death from many angles, all of it setting a sad and ominous stage for what’s to come. That and this issue rests pretty heavily on Bernice (my favourite character).

    Regression #1 ($3.99) — A new creator-owned series from Cullen Bunn (and his first from Image Comics). Obviously I’m picking this up.

    Invader Zim #19 ($3.99) — Do you remember the episode “Parent Teacher Night”? I do. It was a great way to set up the roboparents as ridiculous, terrifying, and dangerous. So them running a zoo (presumably full of Earthlings) sounds like a pretty fun issue to me.

    Total: $19.95.

    Rowan’s Picks:

    Black Cloud #2 ($3.99) — This is another one of those all-star creative teams. Latour, Hinkle, Wilson and co. grabbed me from the first issue, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it’s pure style and thoughtfulness for days.

    Godshaper #2 ($3.99) — The first issue of this was a lot of fun, and stood out with serious sass and style. I’m a big fan of both creator’s works, plus this looks like Spurrier’s next big project from the way he’s seeding the world.

    A.D. After Death #3 ($5.99) — I’ve been not so patiently waiting for this finale to come, and I’m more than ready for it. This series took me by surprise with how engaging it was – I mean, I don’t know why I was surprised considering the creative team, but both the format and themes it undertakes makes it feel unique.

    Total: $13.97 — A full indie week with some excellent creator driven content. This is turning out to be a good year.

    Matthew’s Picks:

    All-Star Batman #10 ($4.99) – Snyder has been doing some fun things on this book with various associates, and bringing in Albuquerque here seems like a solid way to up the book’s overall cred. I am generally digging what they are putting down, collectively.

    Bug! The Adventures Of Forager #1 ($3.99) – I mean, put the Allreds together and you should expect fire, right?

    Rock Candy Mountain #2 ($3.99) – Kyle Starks on writing and arting is something you should absolutely not miss, ever, in any venue.

    Wonder Woman #22 ($2.99) – As always, never skip a Wonder Woman book, ever, under any circumstance. June 2nd is so close!

    Total: $15.96

    Brian’s Picks:

    Titans #11 ($3.99) – ‘The Lazarus Contract’ starts here – a Titans/Teen Titans/Deathstroke event that checks just about every box I want from an event comic. It’s an exciting idea, and these creators have all, more or less, been on a roll lately. Bring the fun, folks.

    Bug! The Adventures of Forager #1 ($3.99) – The Allreds on a New Gods project for Young Animal is essentially how I’d fill out a “What’s your dream comic in 2017” Madlib. We are not worthy.

    Star Wars The Screaming Citadel #1 ($4.99) – While the price point is ridiculous, I’m excited to see Marvel’s Star Wars properties start to act more like the old Dark Horse comics, with new characters, crossovers, and pairings that you never got to see on screen. This feels like the second significant step – after the Aphra series – in that puzzle.

    Eternal Warrior Awakening #1 ($3.99) – Valiant has been really careful with the way that they prune their line, only to let the property sprout up a little later with a twist of some sort. Eternal Warrior is sort of the perfect example of that, and this one-shot sees yet another angle of the character spotlighted.

    Total: $16.96

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