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    Comics Should Be Cheap! (9/28/11)

    By | September 27th, 2011
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    Buying comics can be an expensive hobby. A lot of fans simply can’t afford everything they’re interested in, due to rising prices and the over-saturation of the market with superhero titles.

    That’s why we’re here. Every week, the Multiversity staff is asked “What would you buy this week if you couldn’t go over $20?” and shares their reasons why, in order to help others who might have similar tastes make their own decisions in buying comics on a budget.

    Follow the cut to see everyone’s picks for the week.

    Matt’s List

    Brilliant #1 ($3.95) – I love me some Bendis and Bagley. If I can’t get it on Ultimate Spider-Man anymore, I’m certainly willing to check out Bendis’ new creator-owned. They’ve done right by me so far; don’t see why this would be different.

    Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #2 ($3.99) – Speaking of, I loved the first issue of Miles Morales’ new reign as Spidey. Even bought the limited 1 in 30 variant to frame on my wall (should’ve bought the other one, though; better cover). I’ve been collecting Ultimate Spidey forever, and I’m definitely not going to stop now.

    Secret Avengers #17 ($3.99) – The first Warren Ellis issue blew me away. While part of me wishes Jamie McKelvie would illustrate every issue of this run, I’ll get over it as soon as I open the issue and see Kev Walker kill it.

    FF #9 ($2.99) – Treachery afoot!

    The Flash #1/Superman #1/Justice League Dark #1 ($2.99 each) – The other guys of the site would call me a curmudgeon if I didn’t put at least one DCnU book on my list, so pick one of these and cross your fingers.

    Total: $17.91

    Walt’s List

    American Vampire #19 ($2.99) – If you’ve somehow missed out on all the buzz, American Vampire is good. Very good. This issue begins a new arc, which further fleshes out the background of the enigmatic Skinner Sweet, and I think I can say that, even if you haven’t been reading this (in which case, shame on you), you can pick this ice up to get a taste of what the title is like. Consequently, you’ll check out the rest.

    Justice League Dark #1 ($2.99) – There is no doubt in my mind that Peter Milligan is a great writer, but he can be a bit inconsistent (in my book, at least). I really like the concept behind the “magic Justice League,” and I love nearly all of the characters, so even though I might not have been 100% convinced on pre-ordering, I’ll still pick up the first few issues and give it a shot.

    FF #9 ($2.99) – I’ll admit it: I haven’t been as impressed with FF as I was with Hickman’s Fantastic Four run. Still, it’s one of the finest sci-fi titles on the shelves, and you should – without a doubt – be reading it. Every issue might as well end with “Next Week: Things Get Even Crazier!”

    Secret Avengers #17 ($2.99) – Warren Ellis. Secret Avengers. One-and-dones. There is no reason to not buy this, and every other issue of his run.

    Amazing Spider-Man #670 ($3.99)Flashpoint was crap. Fear Itself isn’t much better. “Spider-Island?” Now that’s how you do an event. This culmination of Dan Slott’s run so far does everything that his run has been doing well so far, and does it great. I don’t even mind the heavy reliance on elements of “The Clone Saga!” I will admit that the villain reveal from last week was pretty lame, but I’m sure Slott will be able to make an otherwise terrible character a bit more interesting.

    Journey Into Mystery #628 ($2.99) – The Asgardian black-ops team has finally formed. And nothing says stealth like the Destroyer Armor. Okay, so I might be ribbing on Kieron Gillen a bit, but make no mistake: this title is awesome. It’s Norse mythology as only Marvel can portray it, and it doesn’t even have Thor in it! The art this week looks a bit… eh… but you’ll deal with it, damn it!

    Continued below

    Total: $18.94

    Brandon’s List

    Aquaman #1 ($2.99) — I want this title to be good. I really want it to be good. I’ve always liked the Aquaman character but I’ve never collected one of his series, and my favorite interpretation of the character by far is that of the one in the Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon (Platelet!). Hopefully this will change me around and I can get onboard with the series.

    Justice League Dark #1 ($2.99) — Not sure why, to be honest, but I want this book. I saw some preview art and it looked great. Despite having no interest in this book until then it makes my list this week. Interested to see if it makes it the next time around.

    Teen Titans #1 ($2.99) — While some have panned Lobdell’s work on Red Hood and the Outlaws, I enjoyed it (bring on the hate, internet, I don’t give a shit!). I also enjoyed Superboy. So following the logic there I am onboard with TT, even though I originally wasn’t too high on it. I still think it’ll be less excellent than Geoff Johns’ run but I am ready to give it a shot!

    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2 ($3.99) — The first issue was alright. It wasn’t amazing, but for me this is something I can’t pass on because it’s Bendis and Ult Spidey. I truly believe the man is going to turn this into a great story that will continue over 100 issues like its predecessor.

    Wolverine #16 ($3.99) — I love this book. Aaron’s Wolverine has been great from beginning to end. If you aren’t reading this book, you really should. I know that phrase is overused but in this case it really is true.

    X-Men: Legacy #256 ($2.99) — Mike Carey’s X-Men run is almost over and my sadness over this is just starting. I have enjoyed the hell out of his run on the title and this arc has been great per usual. X-Jammers baby!

    Total: $19.94

    Brian’s List

    Justice League Dark #1 ($2.99) — Worst title of a book in all of the DCnU? Hands down, Justice League Dark. However, I have faith in Milligan to tell a fun story with these characters. And, besides the mysterious Flashpoint lady, I think this book puts Madame Xanadu only behind Batman and Superman in number of books appeared in. That is a sentence I didn’t expect to be typing going in to the relaunch.

    Brilliant #1 ($3.95) — I am not the world’s biggest Bendis fan, but this premise sounds pretty winning, and having Bagley on art goes a long way into this making a way into my pull list.

    Ghostbusters #1 ($3.99) — This is probably setting me up for disappointment, but as a child of the 80s, Ghostbusters was my jam growing up. Plus — the g-g-g-g-ghost of John Belushi!

    Green Lantern: New Guardians #1 ($2.99) — The comic that took me from fan to fanatic was Ron Marz’s run of Green Lantern, which introduced us to Kyle Rayner. The character has always been a favorite of mine, and I’m glad that Geoff Johns didn’t resurrect Hal Jordan and shitcan Kyle (sort of like what he did to Wally West). That said, I’m not totally sold on this as an ongoing series, but I’m hopeful.

    Teen Titans #1 ($2.99) — I wonder if when DC scheduled the release of the long delayed New Teen Titans: Games hardcover, that it knew a week later the title would be rebooted yet again. Scott Lobdell was an early target for pessimists and his DCnU work thus far has been mixed. But what did work was his Superboy, and since these two books are set to crossover, let’s hope this is more Superboy, less Red Hood and the Outlaws.

    The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #1 ($2.99) — Remember how I said I was a child of the 80s? That means I also have a soft spot for Firestorm. This is one of the books this week being “co-plotted” or flat our written by artists (in this case, by Ethan Van Sciver), and I have mixed feelings on that. On one hand, if good stories are the result, I don’t care who is writing them. But I also fear that DC is appeasing artists to stay with the company by letting them write, not because they’re great at it, but because they want to. Luckily, this is also a Gail Simone comic, and I have faith in her ability to make this book interesting.

    Continued below

    Total: $19.90

    Josh’s Picks

    The Sixth Gun #15 ($3.99) – The greatest comic book you probably aren’t reading. No matter what genre creators Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt attempt to meld with the strong western basis of this book, it works out with the pure-pop style that has made this book a must read for over a year now. Seriously, not reading this = missing out on a massive scale.

    American Vampire #19 ($2.99) – Easily one of the best period piece comics I have ever read. Since this one began, I’ve often become so engrossed in the real world history that Scott Snyder injects into this book that I forget what an impeccably crafted horror story we get along with it. Also, I’m pretty sure the character I considered to drive the sereis was killed last issue, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

    Justice League Dark ($2.99) – The “Dark” side of the DCnU is, for my money, the most compelling and, so far, engaging side of the whole relaunch and this book seems to be frontrunner of that whole train of thought. Hence, its getting read.

    Brilliant #1 ($3.95) – Brand new creator owned work from Bendis and this time he’s brought Bagley along with him? Are you kidding me? Slam dunk.

    FF #9 ($2.99) – It’s Jonathan Hickman writing the Fantastic Four. As long as that keeps happening, I will keep buying it.

    Journey Into Mystery #628 ($2.99) – See above but replace with “Kieron Gillen” and “Loki” where appropriate.

    Total: $19.91

    David’s List

    Secret Avengers #17 ($3.99) – Yeah! More Warren Ellis Secret Avengers! The last issue of Ellis’ written Secret Avengers was my favorite comic of August, and this issue pairs him together with the superb talent of artist Kev Walker. To be honest, I have no idea what this issue is even about. I just know it involves Warren Ellis telling a story about avenging things covertly. And I like that.

    Brilliant #1 ($3.95) – Like Secret Avengers, I have no idea what this book is about (true story). What I do know is that this is written by Bendis and illustrated by Bagley and it is an Icon book, thus I will be buying it. That much is a fact.

    Sixth Gun #15 ($3.99) – Also a fact, The Sixth Gun is consistently one of the best comics around. Co-creator and artist Brian Hurtt was away for one month (with the very talented Tyler Crook filling in on issue 14), but he’s back now and we get to find out what happened with Drake at the end of issue 13.

    I, Vampire #1 ($2.99) – I’ve read this and it’s a very, very good book. While most of the DCnU books this week are pretty unattractive in my mind, this book is a very solid one. Check it out (and my review later today), as writer Joshua Hale Fialkov establishes a great character base and position for the book and artist Andrea Sorrentino KILLS with some straight up Jae Lee esque like art.

    Avengers Academy #19 ($3.99) – I love this book, and I have to say it is by far the best Fear Itself tie-in I am reading. To be honest, I can’t wait to see what happens next and it genuinely feels like anyone from this cast could not make it out of this mess. I love that feel for the book – anything could happen at any time.

    Total: $18.91

    Gil’s List

    Superman #1 ($2.99) — What, you DIDN’T expect this on my pull list? If you didn’t expect this, you are crazy. It’s Superman! It’s…me! The only thing that would have made this better is if George Pérez were drawing in addition to writing.

    Secret Avengers #17 ($3.99) — Warren Ellis on Secret Avengers is like a match made in Hell, but the good Hell. Where awesome things happen but it’s not pretty like it would be in Heaven. It’s rough, it’s gritty, and it’s glorious to behold. Pick this book up.

    Continued below

    Herc #8 ($2.99) — Oh, Herc. My poor, poor Herc. Your new series has not treated you well in terms of numbers, and now you’re leaving me too soon. Oh well, I will celebrate you while I can, and put you in a special place in my heart shared only with S.W.O.R.D.

    The Flash #1 ($2.99) — Barry Allen is a jerk. But Francis Manapul is a god of the printed page. He’s a glorious visual storyteller and now we’re getting a chance to see his written storytelling. I can’t wait to see what he’s got.

    Avengers Academy #19 ($2.99) — Is it just me or are the tie-ins to Fear Itself actually BETTER than the main series? Well, whether or not I am, this series is fantastic and Christos Gage is telling perhaps the best teenage book on the racks. Fear Itself? More like Awesome Itself!

    Angel & Faith #2 ($2.99) — The first issue was great, and the next should be just as good if not better. And look at that, it’s the second Christos Gage title on my list. How about that? Well, I guess he’s just an awesome writer!

    Total: $18.94

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