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Creators’ Year in Review, Part 5: Who Will Be the Breakout Creators of 2019?

By | December 28th, 2018
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Every year, we reach out to some of our creator pals to ask them what they thought of the year that was. This year was no different. Keep reading to find out who some of the most talented folks in all of comics think will break out next year in Part 5.

What creators do you expect to break out in a big way next year?

Ron Marz (“Michael Turner’s Fathom,” “Dread Gods”): That’s such a hard thing to predict, because you need a combination of good work, good luck, and projects that get attention. Ram V and David Walker are poised to really get some more notice. I think Jordie Bellaire is going to be so lauded as a terrific writer that people will start saying, “Wait, she colors too?” And Mahmud Asrar and Kelly Thompson are obviously well known, but I think they’ll both get even more recognized.

Mike Norton (“Revival,” “Grumble”): Ooof. I don’t know. I’d like people like Aubrey Sitterson, Chris Sebela, Gavin Guidry, Shawn Pryor or Ray Anthony Height to get more recognition for stuff.

Liana Kangas (“Black AF: Devil’s Due,” “2000 AD Sci-Fi Special”): All of my friends, they totally deserve it. I don’t know a nicer, hard working bunch than them!

Michael Moreci (“Archie Meets Batman ‘66,” “Wasted Space”): I’m hoping it’s Ryan Ferrier, because he’s been underutilized in comics for like 50 years at this point. George Mann has some really cool stuff coming, and I can see him taking a big step forward. Emily Pearson is a terrific artist who’s capable of big things. And the team behind Long Lost–that is one special book, and everyone involved in making it deserves to step up in a major way.

Dylan Meconis (“The Long Con,” “Bitch Planet: Triple Feature”): Maria Capelle Frantz’s first graphic novel, “The Chancellor and the Citadel,” is out in January from Iron Circus Comics. She’s an incredible talent, and the book is beautiful, deft, sweet and also (stealthily) very dark. Sarah Winifred Searle also has three GNs coming out in the next 18 months for various age ranges, with her beautiful, romantic humane style on every page. Swoon!

Andy Hirsch (“Science Comics,” “Varmints”): I’m hoping Chris Schweizer will finally start to get the recognition he deserves. He has a really specific creative voice, and while he’s too humble to say it, he’s one of the best creators going. Top tier, ask anyone who knows anything.

Steve Orlando (“Martian Manhunter,” “Electric Warriors”): I expect a ton more to come out of people like Cady, Tini Howard, Eliot Rahal – and I’d keep an eye on Ted Anderson, Moth and Whisper has been great!

Tadd Galusha (“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters,” “Bubba Ho-Tep and the Cosmic Blood Suckers”): Everything coming out these days is at such a high level, I’m hesitant to say, but it might be the best time to be a comic reader/fan…. I really like the projects coming out from Eric Powell’s new company, their stuff is just a lot of fun. Personally, I’m really looking forward to Brahm Revel’s “Guerillas: Omnibus Edition.” That book is at the top of my list of must reads.

One of my favorite colorists right now is Alissa Sallah. Her work on Sleepless was massive, so I can’t wait to see what she’ll be pulling from the fire for 2019.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say my new book, “Cretaceous,” but humble pie I’ll serve to myself.

Ben Coleman (“The Long Con”): I think they’re breaking big just fine at the moment, but I predict even more success for Aud Koch and Maria Frantz, who both have incredibly energetic and unique visual styles and an ability to craft stories with really powerful emotional beats. It can take people whole careers to develop those skills, and those two have it right out of the gate. And our own EA Denich has shown amazing versatility tackling everything we’ve thrown at her for The Long Con, so I expect big things in her future.

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