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    Face Value: The Best Comic Covers Of February 2017

    By | February 28th, 2017
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    They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. While that might be true for prose, it’s not entirely true for comic books. Comic books are a visual medium and more times than not, it’s the art that draws you in. With so many comic books coming out these days, a cover that stands out from everything else on a wall of new releases can determine how well it sells. I know that I’ve picked up new titles solely based on the cover.

    It is with that in mind that we bring you Face Value, a column where we will be looking at the best covers in comics, both new and old, every two weeks. In this edition, we’re looking back at the best covers of February. Since this was a short month, there was less to choose from but that doesn’t make any of these less great.

    The Belfry by Gabriel Hardman

    This cover is probably my favorite of the bunch because it is just so striking. Hardman’s art is always great but this actually sends chills down my spine.

    God Country #2 by Gerado Zaffino

    “God Country” is proving to be really great so far and the interior art by Geoff Shaw is fantastic. It is only fair that it gets covered beautifully. Zaffino’s variant really gets deep into the Kirby-esque action happening in this series and I love every inch of it. The perspective, the detailing, it all works.

    WWE #2 by Robbi Rodriguez

    Multiversity won’t let me write about wrestling so this is what you get from me every month if there’s a cover worth mentioning. I am a full on Swagsuke fangirl. Shinsuke Nakamura was one of the first wrestlers I really fell in love with when I started watching NJPW regularly a couple of years ago so I’m glad he got a cover so soon. Rodriguez’ work here is very exaggerated and I love the pulse line in the background. It’s a very nice detail that kind of makes this look like a shot of him as he enters the ring.

    Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #16 by Amy Reeder

    This series has had some of the most fun and whimsical covers of any Marvel book, which is why it keeps landing here. Doctor Strange visits the series this month and I love how Reeder uses his cape. I love how much science imagery is packed into each cover and each time Lunella is front and center of that.

    All – Star Batman #7 by Tula Lotay

    At some point, I’m going to do a special edition of this column of just Tula Lotay covers because look at this. I don’t know if she’s capable of producing bad art. This is a beautiful cover that embraces both the power and sexual allure of Poison Ivy. Her colors are dreamlike and hazy and really something only she can do.

    Steven Universe #1 by Rian Sygh

    There were a few covers for this launch but this one by Rian Sygh is easily my favorite. I like the determined looks on the characters and the placement of Ruby Quartz (she’s my favorite).

    Wonder Woman #17 by Jenny Frison

    Bringing Jenny Frison onto “Wonder Woman” is one of the smartest choices DC has made in a long time. This cover is fantastic because (even if not intentional) homages a different era of the character. Wonder Woman looks like she’s mid transition of her very famous spin. She’s got her Diana Prince pencil skirt but the look of an Amazon from the waist up. I like that it homages that and also illustrates the two different worlds she tries to live in.

    Kingpin #1 by Bill Sienkiewicz

    The Kingpin is an ugly man inside and out. He’s one of the Marvel Universe’s most violent villains and Bill Sienkiewicz not only gets his look right but also through his coloring shows the bloodshed he’s responsible for. This doesn’t try to give us glamour Kingpin from the TV show but a real look at a nasty mob boss.

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    Tokyo Ghoul Volume 11 Sui Ishida

    I’m horribly behind on “Tokyo Ghoul” but it honestly is one of the best manga series going right now. This cover is incredibly striking in its violence and starring character’s expression of horror.

    Monstress #10 Sana Takeda

    Image did a lot of these tributes to their most famous covers and series but honestly, this is the best one of the bunch. This is probably in part to the cover of “Spawn” #1 being a good cover and Takeda being a fantastic artist. The two series match up nicely here and if you didn’t know this was a homage to “Spawn”, it still works for this series.

    What were some of your favorite covers this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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    Jess Camacho

    Jess is from New Jersey. She loves comic books, pizza, wrestling and the Mets. She can be seen talking comics here and at Geeked Out Nation. Follow her on Twitter @CamachoJess for the hottest pro wrestling takes.


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