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    Face Value: The Best Comic Covers of September 2017

    By | September 26th, 2017
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    They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. While that might be true for prose, it’s not entirely true for comic books. Comic books are a visual medium and more times than not, it’s the art that draws you in. With so many comic books coming out these days, a cover that stands out from everything else on a wall of new releases can determine how well it sells. I know that I’ve picked up new titles solely based on the cover.

    It is with that in mind that we bring you Face Value, a column where we will be looking at the best covers in comics, both new and old, every two weeks. In this month’s installment, we look at the best comic covers of August 2017.

    Giant Days #30 by Max Sarin

    “Giant Days” always has great covers but I really like this one because it does a great job showing how different Daisy and her partner are while still showing how absolutely in love they are. Sarin’s characters are super expressive and the colors against this blue background really pop.

    Hawkeye #10 by Julian Totino Tedesco

    I haven’t had the chance to read “Hawkeye” because honestly it’s a little confusing keeping up with Marvel these days but I have loved the covers for the series. They have been part old Hollywood movie posters and part classic crime novel covers. Tedesco’s work here is a bit quieter than some of the earlier covers but still really effective. It’s a really different cover from everything else at Marvel and that alone would the job of selling it.

    Super Sons #8 by Dustin Nguyen

    Damien and Jon are the best boys and I want the best for them. Probably because of his work on “Li’l Gotham,” Nguyen has become someone I always think of when I think of these kids. This cover is a variant but it’s still really good. I love the way he nails their very different personalities and also pays homage to their dads in their costume reveal. It’s a cute cover.

    Samurai Jack: Quantum Jack #1 by Warwick Johnson-Cadwell

    Warwick Johnson-Cadwell has the most unique art I’ve seen in mainstream comics in a while. I’m obsessed with it and what’s really great is that it’s being noticed like this as he works on a big property in “Samurai Jack.” This cover is great because of his unique style with such a recognizable brand. I wouldn’t ignore this if it were on the shelf.

    Star Wars Annual #3 by Michael Walsh

    Any cover that puts Leia on the front, taking charge, is a good one. I like that she’s the one with a gun and she’s the one leading the way. I also like Walsh’s perspective here as he makes the cover feel a lot bigger than it actually is.

    Zodiac Starforce: Cries of the Fire Prince #2 by Paulina Ganucheau

    Now this is a prince. Ganucheau is very talented and she’s very good at making pretty boys. There’s a sexiness here but under that is a mischievous look and he feels dangerous. I love it. I want to write fan fic about him.

    Ducktales #1 by Marco Ghiglione

    In a world where bad things keep being made and the wrong things keep coming back, there is “Ducktales.” “Ducktales” is good and pure and this cover is a perfect example of that. Ghiglione’s work is so cute and expressive and this cover is full of adventure.

    Slam: The Next Jam #1 by Veronica Fish

    “Slam” was such a good series and I’m so glad it’s back and I’m especially back it has returned with this excellent cover. The first run of the series highlighted the derby girls with these portraits and they’re really something. Fish’s work here is so detailed and designed really well. You’re left with lots of questions about this woman and the coloring just makes it explosive.

    America #7 by Joe Quinones

    “Boooooorn in the U.S.A” This cover of “America” pays tribute to the King of New Jersey and honestly it ensures that I will always love the series. Quinones adds his own spin to it which makes it a great homage.

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    Faith and the Future Force #3 by Afua Richardson

    I recently went on a little rant about “Faith” on Twitter so I’m glad that this cover came out this month to prove my point. Faith should always be drawn as she is – a plus sized woman. Afua Richardson’s cover not only does that but also makes her look like a true superhero. The use of color here is gorgeous and it’s a cover fit for someone as special and heroic as Faith.

    What were some of your favorite covers this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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