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    Face Value: Special Edition April 2018

    By | April 10th, 2018
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    They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. While that might be true for prose, it’s not entirely true for comic books. Comic books are a visual medium and more times than not, it’s the art that draws you in. With so many comic books coming out these days, a cover that stands out from everything else on a wall of new releases can determine how well it sells. I know that I’ve picked up new titles solely based on the cover.

    It is with that in mind that we bring you Face Value, a column where we will be looking at the best covers in comics, both new and old, every two weeks. For this month’s special edition column, I’m celebrating a comic that just hit a pretty big milestone with issue 50. Yup, we’re looking at the very best of Fiona Staples’s work in “Saga.”

    Saga #34 by Fiona Staples

    Ghus! I love Ghus and I will probably be a wreck when something eventually happens to him. This is “Saga” after all. I love this cover because it’s peaceful and adorable. It’s something very different from what we get in the story itself and the reflection in the water is a stunning addition.

    Saga #15 by Fiona Staples

    This is my personal favorite “Saga” cover. It’s a riff on a romance novel that exists in the “Saga” universe but I love how sexy and sensual it is without being too trashy. One of my favorite things about “Saga” is that this is partially a romance so this cover gets into that in a really funny way.

    Saga #8 by Fiona Staples

    Even if you don’t read “Saga” you’ve probably seen this cover. Image uses it for promotional purposes all the time for the brand. That’s a statement about how good it is.

    Saga #13 by Fiona Staples

    Do you know someone with kids who just gives you their baby to hold? That’s the face you make. I mean, at least it’s the face that I make.

    Saga #18 by Fiona Staples

    Lying Cat is probably the most famous cat in comics aside from Garfield. Everyone loves her and everyone wants their own Lying Cat. This is a great shot of the intricacies of the design.

    Saga #33 by Fiona Staples

    My big love for this cover comes from it being underwater. The way Staples combines these blues and greens is beautiful. She uses space so well and really forces the reader to connect with the setting.

    Saga #44 by Fiona Staples

    At its core, “Saga” is a story about this family. Through these first 50 issues, this has been the story abut Hazel, Alana and Marko and that’s why I like this cover. It’s a family. It’s a dad and daughter playing around and it’s happy.

    Saga #14/Volume 3 Cover by Fiona Staples

    Gwendolyn and Sophie are honestly my two favorite side characters in the series and I wish we could see more of them. Gwendolyn is a total bad ass who has taken Sophie under her wing and tutelage and it’s honestly the perfect story arc. This cover is great because you can feel the wind and you can learn a lot about the characters in this image.

    Saga #38 by Fiona Staples

    This cover actually makes me sad because it’s the last time we babysitter extraordinaire Izabel. This cover is like a great final moment for her and it’s another cover that lets Hazel just be a kid. I’m also a sucker for pink and this is a good use of it.

    Saga #21 by Fiona Staples

    We end this look at some of the best “Saga” covers with one that’s a little more sinister and thus, a little different. This character plays a big part in the middle part of the series and I love this cover because it’s initially disarming until you look closer. Then it’s quite scary and it’s some of Staples best story telling in a cover.

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    What are some of your favorite “Saga” covers? Let me know in the comments!

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