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    Multiversity Wildly Speculates: What Will Be the First Bendis DC Book?

    By | November 7th, 2017
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    Without hyperbole, the news of Brian Michael Bendis moving over to DC is the biggest comic news in a very long time. In terms of a creator associated so closely with one publisher jumping across the aisle, it may be the largest since Jack Kirby departed the House of Ideas for the Distinguished Competition back in 1970. While we’re not comfortable comparing Bendis to Kirby, I think you catch our drift.

    So, we’ve tasked our staff with trying to figure out what his first book or books will be, once he officially starts at DC. Let us know what you think he’ll be doing in the comments.

    Nicholas Palmieri:

    I’m thinking the main “Green Lantern” title would make sense. I could see him making it a large team book a la Tomasi’s “Green Lantern Corps” and focusing on the “space cops” concept. We’re also about due for a new writer on that book.

    “Young Justice,” starring that era of heroes who has basically been lost since the New 52?

    Oh what about “The Spectre?” Could be part of “Shadowpact,” or could be a supernatural detective series.

    Mike Mazzacane:

    “Action Comics:” While the title is booked solid until March 2018 with #1000, that seems like the perfect issue to transition the current writer, Dan Jurgens, off and bring Bendis on. It lets your new big-name writer use one of the Trinity, on a huge legacy title that has felt like a bit of an afterthought compared to how well the dynamic has been between “Batman” and “Detective Comics.”

    “Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen:” How do you give your big new creator access to the Superman side of things without costing other people work? You bring in Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen
    “Manhunter: Rebirth:” Bendis is best known for his crime and street level books, bringing back the Manhunter moniker would fit that. Either by reintroducing DA Kate Spencer or perhaps a new one like future Manhunter and Kate’s son, Ramsey Robinson. Marc Andreyko and Jesus Saiz was aesthetically a street level crime book that also had some fun fringe sci-fi elements for texture. That seems like something Bendis could do well with.

    “Suicide Squad:” Anything would be better than what we’ve currently got.

    “Original Vertigo Book:” Vertigo’s being relaunched next year they could use a new big name. The announcement said “multi-faceted” (I guess transmedia isn’t ‘in’ anymore) and with how the old Vertigo contracts where structured with Warner Bros. having an option on film and TV rights, that could be a large inducement for someone like Bendis. Maybe this means he’ll finally finish “United States of Murder Inc.”

    Vince Ostrowski:

    “Shazam” – I tried to think of which would be the best fit out of the three big DC Comics projects we know are coming (“Justice Society,” “Legion of Super-Heroes,” and “Shazam”). I’m going to continue to hold out for a Hickman on Legion, and I just think James Robinson is a better bet for what DC wants to do with Rebirth-ing JSA. That leaves Shazam, an unconventional choice for Bendis, but one that needs a big push with a movie coming in the near future.

    “Daily Planet” – Bendis kind of already did this over at Marvel, but a book about Metropolis from the eyes of the reporters seems like something he could ease into nicely. It’s a timeless concept and one that we in the DC3 have been pitching on the podcast for a while now.

    “Streets of Gotham” – Bendis on a Batman books seems like the most boring, safe choice DC could make, but let’s be honest, everything is a bat book with them. At least Bendis could bring some of the top-notch talent he always works with over to Gotham for a bit

    “Wonder Woman” – Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a terrible idea. But wouldn’t it just be totally #comics for DC to follow up James Robinson on Wonder Woman with Brian Bendis?

    “Cyborg” – If DC is intent on making Cyborg a proper Justice League character, they need to start putting more resources into his book. He’s been short-changed for far too long.

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    If he follows the typical “Bendis” pattern, I could definitely see him writing a “Green Lantern” AND a distinct “Green Lantern Corps” type title that play off one another and cross over.

    Matt Lune:

    It feels pretty obvious, but I think people will expect a street level team from him, like “JLA” or a Gotham based team. I feel like his strengths would be towards a chracter like Booster Gold or Blue Beetle, anything that allows him to explore normal people in unusual situations.

    Saying that, putting him on a book like “Legion of Super-Heroes” would give him the chance to explore his own corner of the DCU, while scratching that itch of ‘extraordinary characters with ordinary voices’

    Elias Rosner:

    I think he might do a “Gotham Central” style book too so I second the “Mannhunter: Rebirth.”

    Or maybe something with the Ralph and Sue Dibny since Gail Simone brought them back. I’m still bitter we never got ghost detectives after “52.”

    Robbie Pleasant:

    I was about to say the same as Nicholas; I’m thinking it’ll be a Green Lantern book, especially considering all the characters he could work with just in that comic alone.

    Brian Salvatore:

    “World’s Finest” – give him the two biggest characters in the company right off the bat, and make it light on continuity, so he can do whatever he wants to do. Which is probably stretch a simple, 3 issue arc over 24 issues.

    Matthew Meylikhov:

    “Renee Montoya”…but now she’s an angry alcoholic.

    I’d also like to see him take on Shadowpact, so he can write Detective Chimp.

    Kent Falkenberg:

    “Shazam” – Seems likely. A big book needs a big name. And the Billy Batson/Miles Morales comparable makes sense.

    “Jimmy Olsen/Daily Planet” – Bendis turns Olsen into DC’s Ben Urich in an investigative mashup up “Jessica Jones” and season 5 of The Wire.

    Jake Hill:

    I can’t believe this is a real thing.

    I think they’re going to start him off in a comfortable setting, meaning something street level and probably Gotham City. I’d guess a new iteration of The Outsiders.

    Bendis doing a Jimmy Olsen book would be a fun echo of putting Jack Kirby on the book in the 70s. If I were Johns, that’s what I’d do. It’d be a power move, showing Bendis (and by extension Marvel) who’s boss, but also give Bendis a chance to prove himself worthy of the King.

    Devon Browning:

    I was actually thinking “The Outsiders” as well. Can’t imagine they wouldn’t bring it back now that Tim Drake is back and the other teams being occupied by Dick, Damian, and Jason.

    Jess Camacho:

    “Justice League” – because of course they’d give him JL right out the gate

    “Green Lantern” – because I think they’ve kind of been forgotten after Johns left it. Would be a way to get a huge name on there again

    He’s probably going to take over one of the huge books but he should do something street level that can exist on its own. I haven’t been his biggest fan in the last few years but he has done some good work. He should do something like “The Question.”

    Kate Kosturski:

    I could see a high profile name like this being attached to a very high profile series, and with the movie out in two weeks’ time I am thinking…”Justice League?”

    Art by Emma Kubert

    Benjamin Birdie:

    I think a Bendis Catwoman book is a mortal lock. With her rising to even higher prominence, it’s just plain weird she doesn’t have a book already. Add Maleev drawing Gotham City and you’ve got a legendary book in the making.

    Christopher Chiu-Tabet:

    I was gonna say, “The Question” if he’s going down the crime route, “Shazam” if he wants to do a teen oriented comic.

    I’m sure whatever Bendis writes, he’ll load it up with guest stars. I mean his “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones” runs were far more influential on the Luke Cage show than Azarello’s series from the same era.

    Zach Wilkerson:

    Ahhhhhh man, I was definitely thinking more street level crime, but now I want him on “Green Lantern” so badly. I don’t even like Bendis that much, but that line needs a major shot in the arm.

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    Also, “Batman Beyond” or “The Question.”

    Matt Lune:

    I think he’ll be working on a Justice League book, would it be too obvious to say something like a street level Justice League team? Think that’d probably typecast him but it’s what he knows

    Kevin Gregory:

    I think Bendis gets “JSA.” I bet he gets in on the Vertigo relaunch, too.

    Justin Beeson:

    I could see him doing “Teen Titans” or a Lantern book. Maybe he’ll do the “Robins” book that gets rumored every once in a while.

    Greg Lincoln:

    I’m expecting “Justice League” and that Christopher Priest’s run will be a bridge to that…

    Here’s another guess… he’s joining to work on a comic and tv series focused on the Batman of Shanghai.

    Samuel Reynolds-Oosting:

    I could see him on a Superboy book, since James Tynion IV’s been teasing it. Or just totally out of left field: “Adam Strange”

    Greg Ellner:

    Bendis? You mean the writer? Brian Michael Bendis? That Bendis?

    (Sorry, I had to.)

    I’m with the people who think he’ll be given a gigantic book off the bat. Unless DC is smarter about it and has looked at his more recent output enough to not trust him with big names.

    Other option is “Shazam.” He seems like he would want something similar to Miles Morales’ age range, and Billy fits. Sometimes.

    A good idea they probably won’t do (on account of Snyder’s overwhelming interest in him) would be to give him Duke Thomas. Minor character readers don’t seem to really care about who seems to be spontaneously developing random powers of his own seems to be right up his alley, especially after his “develop new abilities as plot demands” approach to some of his worse moments with Miles Morales.

    Best case, it does well and the character gets some real staying power as a daytime hero for Gotham. Worst case, Duke stays relatively forgettable and people just continue to not like him (or some do, anyway).

    Multiversity Staff

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