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    Friday Recommendation: The Sword

    By | May 15th, 2009
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    People who listen to the podcast that I do knew this was coming, but the book I am recommending this week is the Luna brothers’ The Sword. This book is positively riveting. I don’t know how else to explain it. I was hooked from the end of the first issue and I can barely wait in between issues for the next installment. It’s definitely one of the best books that I hope people don’t wait too long to get into because it’s sure to eventually become a classic, especially if the supposed movie adaptation of it goes through. It could make for an amazing trilogy of films.

    The premise is simple: a girl’s family is murdered in cold blood in front of her by three people claiming to be looking for a sword. Leaving her for dead, she comes upon the sword, only to find it filled with magical properties, and she begins on a quest for revenge. Seems kinda ordinary, right? But it gets better as it goes. The people who killed her family are ancient beings, and her father turns out to be mysteriously linked to them. The beings all control aspects of the elements: fire, water, earth, and air. Our heroine barely knows where to begin in finding them, and once she does find them, how does she plan to stop them? She may have her sword, but they control the very elements surrounding her. It’s a quest she most likely will never return from.

    The Luna brothers make an excellent pair with story and artwork, and this book pulls no punches. It delivers straightforward it’s tale of revenge and it does so in amazingly grusome manner. We have blood, we have guts, and we have amazingly crafted fight sequences between Dara and her foes. There is peril, there is danger, there is everything you could want in a fantasy-adventure comic. The only thing that I do not like about this series is that it has a clear end point, and I realy wish it wouldn’t. I love the concept and execution so much that I wish that the story could continue on for longer, perhaps having Dara become some kind of super heroine in which she fights crime and magic with her sword. However, I ultimately realize that that would be dumb, and the fact that The Sword does have an end point only serves to make it better in that the Luna brothers know exactly where they are going with their tale. There is no confusion or unneccesary moments at all. Every issue is satisfying and I truly have not found anything to dislike about this series.

    It comes 100% recommended by everyone at this blog, so what are you waiting for? Click on the image to the left to order your copy of The Sword Volume 1: Fire. You can also click on the cover of issue 1 (above) to read the first issue of The Sword online for free!

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