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    Gary Frank Should Be Chained To The DC Offices

    By | May 9th, 2009
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    Is that wrong? I mean, I don’t wish ill on him at all. I just think the man should be available to draw Superman for the rest of his life. Or mine. Whichever.

    I like other artists fine, like Ed McGuinness(example right), who brings a certain cartoonishness to his art. And I don’t care what anyone says, Hulk is fantastic fun. But Gary Frank’s art is so iconic and fresh every time I read a book with Big Blue in it. Which is kind of odd, seeing as how he’s basically taking Christopher Reeve and putting him back in the suit. It’s an iconic image, that I don’t want to ever go away.

    By now, you’d probably guess I’m a big Superman fan. That’s no secret. I’m pretty unabashed in my love for the Boy Scout. I think he is the bench mark for all superheroes. Without him, there wouldn’t be any others. Batman was created a year later because of the popularity of Supes. He’s THE icon. and Going back to the subject at hand, Gary Frank is probably the iconic artist that will be remembered from this generation of Superman artists. He’s that memorable in my mind. So, Mr. Frank, if you happen to google yourslef and find this, I swear I’m not creepy, I’m just a big fan who wants to see my favorite character handled in the way I think he deserves to be treated, but if you MUST move on to Green Lantern(my other favorite), I think I can live with that too:


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