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    Multiversity Casting Couch: The Authority

    By and | August 30th, 2010
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    Last week we had several rumors of an Authority film, only to find out it’s not actually happening. Not necessarily the worst thing in the world (since I’m someone who doesn’t usually love comic/film adaptations), but it did spark up a brand new debate as to who could play in the possible film. The last time anyone apparently talked about it was 2003 when Wizard did an article casting Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

    This week, I sat down with guest writer Jessica Graham to figure out who would make for a good Authority with input from Multiversity’s own David Harper. We focused primarily on the fantastic and original run by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch. We did not, however, cast any villains. Who are we really going to get to play a giant alien planetoid version of God and an insane Chinese dictator hellbent on marking the world with his symbol? Since we have no idea which run would be adapted, we’ll focus on the team itself.

    Check behind the cut for our cast!

    Jenny Sparks – Keira Knightley
    This role was hard to cast, but we give Keira our faith. She’s sassy, she’s a Brit, and she’s proven she can play a bad ass multiple times. Just look at films like Domino, and (as bad as it was) the third Pirates movie. I personally am a big fan of of her work, and think she’ll work well as the blonde Century Baby.

    Jack Hawksmoor – Gerard Butler
    Jack Hawksmoor was originally given to another actor, but David was very insistent on Butler having this role. So insistent I’ll let him explain why:

    David Harper: Why not Gerard Butler as Hawksmoor? He pretty much has the look and I could totally see him running around barefoot kicking people’s faces in. Plus, he is actually a good actor besides some rather awful role choices by him. Plus, age accurate!

    The Midnighter – Tom Hardy
    Once again, David was very insistent on Tom Hardy for this role (I originally cast him as Hawksmoor). And as an addendum to what David says, if you’ve seen Bronson you know Hardy can do anything. David, take it away:

    David Harper: I think Tom Hardy would be amazing – a rogue who is fiercely intelligent and douchey, but badass through and through. Plus, he’s more the age/look of him in my mind. Hardy could assuredly pull of any accent and could you really see McDonough (Neal, my original casting pick) as a gay man? Hardy you can, especially if you’ve seen Rocknrolla. I support Tom Hardy for The Midnighter.

    Apollo – Jared Padelicki
    God, this was a HARD choice. So many names were kicked around the offices: Karl Urban, Chris Pine, Brad Pitt, Brandon Routh (David’s favorite choice), Tom Welling, Ben Foster, Justin Hartley. However, when when it came down to it, Jared Padelicki from Supernatural took the cake. He has the build, and his close work with Jensen Ackles has given birth to thousands of slash fiction on the internet that the role of “gay Superman” doesn’t seem like a stretch for him. Plus, he is a good physical foil to Midnighter, and we think the two work well together.

    The Doctor – Guy Pearce
    The Doctor is a very difficult character to perform as. He has a rather odd character arc as both a nuerotic magic user and a deranged heroine addict. He’s also somewhat been a villain (at least recently in Morrison/Giffen’s Lost Year). With a character who is most definitely the least likable member of the group, we’ll need an incredibly talented actor for the role. With the Doctor, there was never any question between any of us – Guy Pearce. Guy Pearce is a dynamite actor, and will be perfect for the role, and has proved that time and time again with the roles he has played.

    Continued below

    Swift – Gong Li
    Swift is actually kind of an old character, with her first “appearance” being 1943 (kinda sorta). It was through this that we decided an older woman would be great for the role, and after work in Memoirs of a Geisha and Curse of the Golden Flower, Gong Li’s elegant portrayals and stunningly young looks win her the role of Swift.

    The Engineer – Emily Blunt
    The reason we heard about an Authority film was because of Stana Katic, but we didn’t give her the role. Instead, we gave it to Emily Blunt, an actress we’re all fans of (no offense Stana – Castle is hilarious!). While Emily would be a Brit playing an (assumably) American role, we know she could pull off the accent (see: Sunshine Cleaning). This would also be her first action role, and ever since she was almost Black Widow, we’ve been itching to see her kick some ass.

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    Jess Graham

    Jessica is the secret weapon behind the Multiversity Casting Couches, utilizing her vast knowledge of film and Hollywood gossip to help concoct absurdly brilliant comic book movie scenarios. When she isn't thinking about movies however, she is playing with cats, watching Futurama and pleading with George RR Martin to stop killing everyone she loves in A Song Of Ice And Fire. Feel free to follow her on Tumblr and Twitter for random odds and ends.


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