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    Multiversity Fantasy League: Our ‘Rebirth’ Solicits

    By | March 26th, 2016
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    In just about two hours, DC will unveil their ‘Rebirth’ line – all new #1s, all new creative teams, an emphasis on legacy. We are so excited, and we just can’t hide it.

    So excited, in fact, that we decided to take a look at the books announced, and play a game: what if we were in charge of DC? What creative teams would we put on these books? And then, we took things a step further – let’s pretend these are real creative teams, what might their books be about?

    Important caveats: none of this is true, we have no inside sources, and we don’t expect even a single one of these to be correct. Also, we sourced all this art from various Tumblrs, websites, and Twitter accounts as best we could. If there wasn’t art from our selected artist on that character/world, we just took a piece that we felt fit the style of the book we were looking for.

    This is just a fun diversion from a busy work week, and a bit of wishful thinking that we hope you enjoy. Let us know what you think in the comments!

    Contributions from Alice W. Castle, Mike Romeo, Jess Camacho, Ken Godberson III, Vince Ostrowski, Zach Wilkerson, Greg Matiasevich, Walter Richardson, and Brian Salvatore.

    Action Comics
    Written by Sholly Fisch
    Illustrated by Mitch and Bettie Breitweiser

    Superman family action! Action Comics returns to its original numbering as it explores the brilliant history of the Man of Steel, told through one and done team ups with Superman’s legendary cast of characters. Expect Lois and Jimmy, Krypto, the Newsboy Legion, Bibbo, and Supermen, women, boys and girls of all kinds!

    Written by Tom King
    Illustrated by Fiona Staples

    Heavy is the head who wears the crown. King and Rios present a political drama/thriller set within the upper echelons of the Atlantean government.

    Written by Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin
    Illustrated Colleen Coover

    A series of mid-day jewel heists have taken Burnside by storm! Who could be behind the burglaries, and how do they lead Batgirl from Gotham to Metropolis, and beyond? Barbra’s going to need to call in a favor from her Super Best Friends to sort this one out!

    Batgirl and the Birds of Prey
    Written by Genevieve Valentine
    Illustrated by Ramon Villalobos and Tamra Bonvillain

    Batgirl leaves Burnside and comes back home and back to her roots. She joins up with a revamped Birds of Prey featuring Black Canary, Vixen, Huntress and Harper Row to help the people in Gotham City that Batman forgets about.

    Written by Tom King
    Illustrated by Michael Walsh & Jordie Bellaire

    In the reconstruction of Gotham after Mister Bloom’s attack, the Caped Crusader may realize his greatest enemy in the effort to make a better Gotham is Bruce Wayne himself.

    Batman Beyond
    Written by Brandon Montclare & Amy Reeder
    Illustrated by Amy Reeder

    Terry McGinnis has been patrolling the alleys of Neo-Gotham for years with Bruce Wayne as the bug in his ear to rely on. But what happens when he gets a harrowing warning from a kid speedster from the past at the same time that Bruce goes missing?

    Blue Beetle
    Written by Fabian Rangel Jr.
    Illustrated by Alexis Ziritt

    Jaime Reyes was once Blue Beetle. He spent his teen years in the Teen Titans but now at 22, he’s recently graduated college and no longer attached to the power of the Scarab. That is, until he’s rebonded to the power because the world needs a Blue Beetle. Once rebonded, he is pulled into a conflict spanning time and space.

    Written by Dan Abnett
    Illustrated by Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, and John Kalisz

    What does it mean to be created? If a Cyborg is the image of Man, and Man is the image of God, is the Cyborg not a perfect being? To find the truth, Vic Stone will travel the cosmos… in search of New Genesis!
    Continued below

    Written & Illustrated by Ben Marra

    The President has been kidnapped by ninjas! Is Slade Wilson a bad enough dude to rescue him?! It’s Deathstroke vs. The League of assassins from the creator of O.M.W.O.T., Night Business and Blades & Lazers!

    Detective Comics
    Written by James Tynion IV
    Illustrated by Trevor McCarthy & Dave McCaig

    After Mother’s attack and the Teen Titans, Tim Drake decides to step back, take examination of his life. But life is never that simple as a series of attacks brings Tim into a web far deeper than he’s ever experienced.

    Earth 2
    Written by Geoff Johns and James Robinson
    Illustrated by Chris Samnee

    With tales spanning past, present, and future, the Golden Age of comics returns in this flagship Rebirth title.

    The Flash
    Written by Greg Pak & Aaron Kuder
    Illustrated by Aaron Kuder & Hi-Fi

    Past, Present and Future of the Flash converge as Barry Allen is hurled to the 31st Century. But why, and who are these two kids following him?

    Gotham Academy: Second Semester
    Written by Becky Cloonan & Brenden Fletcher
    Illustrated by Bengal & Msassyk

    After a summer of adventures, the Pizza Club return to another year spooks, homework and fun!

    Green Arrow
    Written by Nick Spencer
    Illustrated by Riccardo Burchielli

    Election season has come and gone, and, as far as Oliver Queen is concerned, the good guys won! But how will he feel when the most powerful woman in the free world calls upon him to serve his country in ways that are legally and morally dubious? Four words: targeted Green Arrow strikes.

    Green Lanterns
    Written by Jeff Parker
    Illustrated by Mahmud Asrar

    Simon Baz is a Green Lantern…sort of. Jessica Cruz is also a Green Lantern…sort of. Simon has the edge on experience by a few months, so he takes it upon himself to train Jessica in the ways of being a Lantern while, on the sly, he’s getting lessons from some of the more experienced Lanterns.

    Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps
    Written by Jonathan Hickman
    Illustrated by Igor Lima and Marcelo Maiolo

    The man who brought us an Avengers World presents a new Green Lantern Universe; a bold, cosmic rebirth for the Lantern mythology with a deeper emphasis on the corps as a whole.

    Harley Quinn
    Written by Alex Di Campi
    Illustrated by Meghan Hetrick

    With the Gang of Harleys finally able to handle things in Coney Island, Harley and Ivy take a very extended European vacation. The trip takes unexpected detours as Harley and Ivy find more “outsiders” like themselves to help. Expect lots of violence and plenty of sexy times.

    The Hellblazer
    Written by Steve Orlando
    Illustrated by Annie Wu and Lee Loughridge

    John Constantine returns home to England and gets back to his roots. In between going to punk shows and hooking up with the sexiest that London has to offer, John discovers that dark forces, not regular politicians, have infiltrated Parliament. Normally he wouldn’t care but these forces have much bigger plans than just gaining power and he has to, reluctantly, spring into action.

    Justice League
    Written by Curt Pires
    Illustrated by Tradd Moore & Felipe Sobreiro

    All the lights in the sky are stars, but not all are just a pinprick of light on the endless canvas of night. A newly reformed Justice League must position themselves as Earth’s first and last line of defense as Solaris, the Tyrant Sun sets his infernal eye on Earth. Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman chart a new course for the League that will take them to the stars and beyond.

    Justice League of America
    Written & Illustrated by Kyle Baker

    Hawkman leads the second unit of the Justice League – Metamorpho, Zatanna, Plastic Man, Star Sapphire, and Power Girl. Their assignment? Super villain time crimes.

    Continued below

    Written by Andy Diggle
    Illustrated by Shawn Martinbrough

    Can a city that was terribly broken to begin with be fixed after being ground zero for a barely prevented apocalyptic event? Dick Grayson, done with his tenure as a Spyral agent, is going to find out, as he returns to a Blüdhaven on the mend. But what if the city’s citizens don’t feel particularly welcoming to the hero who abandoned them in their hour of need?

    Red Hood & The Outlaws
    Written by Rob Williams
    Illustrated by D’israeli

    Jason Todd returned from the dead to a world that made no sense, but that’s nothing compared to where he finds himself now — Earth-3! Stuck in a universe where villainy always triumphs over virtue, Jason Todd will learn that just trying to see a little justice done can turn the good to bad, villains into heroes, and heroes into…Outlaws! Come see British comics legends Rob Williams and D’israeli tell the next chapter in the former Robin’s story!

    Suicide Squad
    Written byTom Scioli & John Ostrander
    Illustrated by Tom Scioli
    Back-ups & Variant Covers by Michel Fiffe

    It’s Old Home Week at Belle Reve Prison as original “Suicide Squad” architect John Ostrander returns to the title that started it all. And he’s brought a few new faces with him to put the Squad through its paces…and raise the body count! You’ve seen what artist & co-plotter Tom Scioli did with his special brand of gonzo energy to “TFvGIJoe”, and those were just toys! Now see him unleashed on the whole DCU! Don’t ask! Just Buy It!
    (And we couldn’t do a Suicide Book with Michel Fiffe involved in some form, right?)

    The Super Man
    Written by Fred Van Lente
    Illustrated by Doug Mahnke

    After the stunning conclusion of DARKSEID WAR, Lex Luthor embraces his role as the hero our world needs. Eschewing the outdated concepts of morality established by those who would seek to hold mankind back, the business mogul turned god will reshape our understanding of right and wrong as… THE SUPER-MAN!

    Super Sons
    Written and Illustrated by Mike Allred

    Two of the biggest egos in comics – Superboy Prime and Damian Wayne – try to make the best of their new living situation: residence assistants at Gotham Academy.

    Written by Alex DeCampi
    Illustrated by Carla Speed McNeil and Jenn Manley Lee

    There have been a lot of different Supergirls wearing the S over the years: Kara Zor-El, Linda Danvers, Matrix, Cir-El. Which of them will be wearing it now? Maybe none? Maybe all of them? You’ll have to pick up the first issue to find out! But with the creative team of the hit Image series “No Mercy” behind things, you know that THIS Supergirl series is going to be like nothing the Maid of Steel has ever been through before!

    Written by Jason Latour
    Illustrated by Doc Shaner & Jordie Bellaire

    Determined to clean up his image, Superman has taken to the streets of Metropolis in order to be better hero to the people he’s sworn to protect as Clark Kent is tasked to investigate the series of Kryptonite-poisoned bodies that have turned up across the city. Meanwhile, Mercy Graves has taken over LexCorp in Lex Luthor’s absence and what does she have planned for the Daily Planet?

    Written & Illustrated by Joëlle Jones

    Lois Lane may not have any powers of her own, but that doesn’t stop her from getting into the middle of the action in Metropolis. If she and photographer Jimmy Olsen are going to stay on top in the volatile city of Metropolis, they’re going to have to be super.

    Teen Titans
    Written by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca
    Illustrated by Jim Rugg

    Darkseid seems like a pushover compared to first period phys. ed! Damian, Kory, Garth, Bart, Tara and Rachel face their toughest battles yet as they square off against homework, parademons and cafeteria food. From the team behind “Street Angel” and the artist of “The Plain Janes,” the Teen Titans Rebirth starts here!

    Continued below

    Written by Steve Orlando
    Illustrated by Mikal Janin

    Midnighter and Nightwing have seen the worst of the worst around the globe, but nothing they’ve seen shook them more than Mother’s recent attempts to brainwash countless children. So, together, they put together a new team, featuring Arsenal, Kyle Rayner, Wally West, Donna Troy, Stargirl, and Miss Martian, to take out the threats to young people everywhere.

    Written by Zack Snyder w/ David Goyer & Chris Terrio
    Illustrated by Greg Land and Alex Sinclair

    You broke box-office records to see the men behind “BvS:DoJ” bring DC’s Trinity to life; now we’re hoping you’ll break comics store sales records to see them try it again on the characters’ home turf! And we’re bringing Greg Land and his Photoshop clip library back to DC to do it, with the added bonus of colorist Alex Sinclair and his determination to match Snyder’s preferred color palette with every desaturation trick in the book. Story details TBD, but there are at least a few stray Frank Miller pages lying around the office so I’m sure Snyder can come up with something. And hitting shelves one month after the regular version is a special paper-on-board variant!

    Wonder Woman
    Written by Marguerite Bennett
    Illustrated by Emma Rios

    As Queen of the Amazons, Diana is called before the United Nations, but is angered by the distrust the world shows of her people. Resolving to use her powers to gain the world’s trust, the summit is attacked by a mysterious woman wielding destructive magics claiming that by killing Wonder Woman she will fulfil a prophecy to grant her unlimited power…

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