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    Saturday Morning Panels (Week of 6/17/15)

    By | June 20th, 2015
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    Hello, and welcome to Saturday Morning Panels! It’s a very simple concept: since none of us are up to watching Saturday morning cartoons anymore, we are instead going to share with you our favorite panels from the week before. It’s a bit like Comics Should Be Cheap, except with more pictures and less reading.

    And, of course, SPOILERS are probably abundant.

    As a note, this week features some content that is not safe for work. Please keep that in mind when reading, and don’t get in trouble with your boss if you read this column Monday mornings.

    We encourage you to play along at home and let us know what your favorite moments of the week were in the comment section! In the meantime, our picks:

    “Black Canary” #1: This is just one example that is the perfection of “Black Canary” and the artistic stylings of Annie Wu and Lee Loughridge. – Keith Dooley

    “Black Canary” #1: The calm before the rocking. – Keith Dooley

    “Dr. Fate” #1: This is just one example of the vibrant, poppy colors that are appearing in some of DC’s newest titles. – Keith Dooley

    “Prez” #1: Trenchilada made me laugh like an idiot at work. – Brian Salvatore

    “Secret Six” #3: The best part about these stupid half-page ads is how relentlessly the creative teams have been trolling them. ― Matt Garcia

    “Runaways” #1:
    This was a fun issue. I love that Bucky Barnes is the hard ass hall monitor is the true highlight. – Jess Camacho

    “Runaways” #1: More like Bruiser and the Night Witches. Molly Hayes heading a reluctant girl-gang is everything I didn’t know I wanted in my life. – Stephenson Ardern-Sodje

    “Ms. Marvel” #16: I know this feeling Kamala. You’re speaking to my heart now. (note the bottle that reads “mild sauce for sucka m.c.’s”). – Jess Camacho

    “Ms. Marvel” #16:
    IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!!!! – Jess Camacho

    “Thors” #1: Obviously I’m all about Storm Thor now. And yes Groot, we know you are Thor. – Jess Camacho

    “Thors” #1:
    I would be 100% into a Quincy M.D. type of comic with Frog Thor. – Jess Camacho

    “Empty Zone” #1: If Furiosa had been written by Lewis Carroll she might have looked a little like Corinne. – Stephenson Ardern-Sodje

    “The Fiction” #1: And you thought David Rubin was only turning in impressive images on “The Rise of Aurora West.” ― Matt Garcia

    “MIND MGMT” #34: Just because it isn’t real doesn’t mean it can’t be true. ― Matt Garcia

    “Dark Horse Presents” #11: From “Abe Sapien: Subconscious,” ghosts! ― Mark Tweedale

    “Giant Days” #4: Let the Orinoco flow, girl. ― Matt Garcia

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