Shelf Bound Auction: Day 22 – YOUNGBLOOD!

By | May 26th, 2020
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This auction is closed.

The bookcase purge for charity continues! You can see a complete list of all auctions here, in chronological order starting with the latest, here. Full auction details are included at the end of the article, but to bring the new folks up to speed real quick:

Every weekday until Friday, June 5th, we publish a new Shelf Bound article announcing a bind or bound set up for auction.

Each bind auction’s bidding starts when its article is published and ends 72 hours later, so today’s auction will close at 4 PM EST on May 29, 2020.

Bids must be posted in an item’s comment section to be considered for that item; highest bid posted before close of auction wins.

Bids from outside the U.S. are welcome, although shipping outside the U.S. may incur additional fee. Bids posted in currencies other than US dollars will be valued at their USD equivalent.

The winning bidder emails me (greg at multiversity comics dot com) to verify donation particulars, then makes the donation and send me verification.

I send out the bind.

Everyone wins.

30 weekdays. 34 binds. All proceeds going to charity. Sound good? Let’s get to it!

Written by: Rob Liefeld, Joe Casey, Alan Moore, Chad Bowers, Hank Kanalz
Drawn by: Rob Liefeld, Steve Skroce, Derec Donovan, Jim Towe
Inked by: Rob Liefeld, Lary Stucker, Derec Donovan, Jim Towe
Colored by: Brian Murray, Awesome Color, Bill Crabtree, Juan Manuel Rodriguez
Lettered by: Comicraft, Rus Wooton

Published by: Image Comics


  • Youngblood #0-5 (Apr 1992 – Jul 1993)
  • Youngblood #1-2 (Feb 1998 – Mar 1998)
  • Image Firsts: Youngblood OS (Jul 1997 – Aug 1999)
  • Youngblood #1-8 (Jan 2008 – Feb 2009)
  • Youngblood #1 (May 2017)

Additional Material: None

Bind Details:

  • Oversewn binding
  • Red Flare Arrestox cover material
  • Red/white headbands
  • White endpapers
  • Page edges trimmed

Signatures: Bowers, Towe

Sketches: Towe

Rob Liefeld is a polarizing figure in comics, but I don’t think anyone would say he wasn’t an important figure in mainstream comics of the last 30 years. Good or bad, like him or not, his work has sold books and inspired a long list of artists held in much higher critical esteem than him. Liefeld’s Youngblood is not only the first Image Comic ever published (even though it’s listed in the indicia as a Malibu Comics issue PRESENTED by Image Comics . . .), it is the property he’s most known for outside of his Big Two work and the one he’s allowed others to play with the most. That’s made it an interesting test case of how various creators spin this single teambook idea.

Another interesting wrinkle here is that we not only have Joe Casey’s run on Youngblood later in the bind, but we also have the Image Firsts comic where he remixs Liefeld’s work from the start of the comic. And by ‘remix’, I don’t just mean redialogue.

Artwork is recolored and rearranged to give as different of an experience as possible. Since this bind includes the original version as well, there’s a nice opportunity to compare & contrast the two here.

Alan Moore only got two-ish issues out before the bottom fell out of Liefeld’s publishing line at the time, but they were drawn by Steve Skroce right before he became one of the Matrix storyboard artists, so they have a real zip to them.

The bind closes with the last Youngblood #1 we’re bound to see for a while. Bowers & Towe’s work was not only one of the longest runs of the book in its history, but also some of the strongest.

That issue also ended on a Liefeld-drawn epilogue, giving the whole bind a nice little bookend.

The signatures and rockin' sketch (sorrynotsorry).

One reason to bid on this bind is that Rob Liefeld no longer owns the publishing rights to this material. It’s a looooong story, but long story short, the chances of getting an omnibus-style collection of Youngblood spanning the different iterations is probably less likely to happen than ever before.

Continued below

So you COULD take the time & effort to track down the original issues and turn them into your own book via a binder using the techniques & approaches we cover every month in Shelf Bound . . .


You could bid on the bind we’re auctioning today, get the benefit of someone else doing all that work for you, AND do some good for the comics community we all love in the process!

Starting Bid: $25
Auction Ends: May 29, 2020 at 4 pm
Proceeds Benefit: The Hero Initiative


  • This auction ends 72 hours after the date & time of this article’s posting.
  • Bids MUST be placed as comments below to be valid.
  • Bids order is set by the timestamp given by Disqus. I subscribe to every comment section and receive an email notification simultaneous to the posting of every new comment. That email’s timestamp is what I use to determine bid order & the final bid cutoff time.
  • Bids placed anywhere other than the auction article’s comment section (i.e. replying to the announcement tweet) will be ignored.
  • Bids posted in currencies other than US dollars will be valued at their USD equivalent.
  • Highest bid posted before the end of the auction wins. The winning bidder has 24 hours to contact me via twitter or email (see below) to set up payment. If contact is not made in this timeframe, the winning bid is invalidated and the next highest bid will be the winner.
  • Winning bidder will make the donation in the amount of the winning bid to the agreed-upon charity. Upon successful donation and receipt of receipt (hehe) by me, the bind will be mailed out via Media Mail on the following Saturday unless an alternate schedule is agreed upon by all parties.
  • Feel free to post any additional questions you may have prior to the end of the auction below; I will do my best to answer them ASAP. Additional and/or specific pictures of the bind are available on request.
  • Thanks in advance to anyone bidding on these binds. Good luck!

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