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    Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 4/3/19

    By | April 6th, 2019
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    Welcome to Saturday Morning Panels! You know the drill. Each week the Multiversity staff lovingly scours the new releases to find you, our dear reader, our favorite panels and moments. And we have a fantastic line up for you this week!

    So kick-back, watch out for spoilers, talk about your favorites in comments section below, and enjoy!

    “Black Hammer ’45” #2: It’s a nazi getting punched in the face. ‘Nuff said. – Elias Rosner

    “Bronze Age Boogie” #1: You said it pal. – Jake Hill

    “Champions” #4: It was either that or the long wait until he grows up and has to trade his marriage for one reason or another. – Robbie Pleasant

    “Conan the Barbarian” #5: Conan’s life has always been strange but squid sharks seems like its near the top. Also, is this issue just Conan by way of Junji Ito? – Elias Rosner

    “Conan the Barbarian” #5: Sounds like you had a pretty special and intimate relationship with this sword and that losing it was almost comparable to losing a loved one. – Jake Hill

    “Conan the Barbarian” #5: Prior to this, I’d only read the Dark Horse Conan comics by Busiek so I had no idea the Asgardians and the Vaneir were neighbors in the Marvel canon. Does this mean Conan knows Odin? – Elias Rosner

    “Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History” #2: If you thought Symbrock shippers were bad just wait till this love triangle gains traction on Tumblr. – Dexter Buschetelli

    “Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History” #2: I take back everything I said about this kid last month. He is a demon seed and I can’t wait for his mushroom hating self to get caught in some Maggia crossfire. – Dexter Buschetelli

    “Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History” #2: Bless you, Cosmic Ghost Rider. You just saved us from a whole lot of frustration. – Robbie Pleasant

    “Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History” #2: Okay, that’s one down, One More Day to go – Dexter Buschetelli

    “Curse Words Spring Has Sprung Special” #1: Literally no one:
    My kinda racist uncle on Facebook: What about the slaves who were white? – Dexter Buschetelli

    “Die” #5: That is a look of intensity and ecstasy by way of complete control. Now I understand what Kieron meant when he said “like bards but everyone is rightly terrified of them.” – Elias Rosner

    “Domino Hotshots” #2: Karaoke with Deadpool! And now the Grease soundtrack is stuck in my head. – Robbie Pleasant

    “Domino Hotshots” #2: Gail Simone gets Deadpool. This single issue went from the humorous to the dangerous to the heart wrenching moments without missing a single beat. That’s how it’s done. – Robbie Pleasant

    “Giant Days” #49: Oh hey, it me, at 4am, as all my writings come back to haunt me. – Elias Rosner

    “Giant Days” #49: An accurate picture of every college student at this time of year ever. – Kate Kosturski

    “The Green Lantern” #6: WHAT EVEN IS THIS GORGEOUS, THROWBACK SERIES?! – Elias Rosner

    “Hack/Slash vs. Chaos!” #4: Ernie might be on to something here. – Gregory Ellner

    “Hack/Slash vs. Chaos!” #4: And the award for best summation of why to avoid a Freudian excuse (in-character) for a hero goes to… – Gregory Ellner

    “Hack/Slash vs. Chaos!” #4: See, that’s the problem with being a horror hunter without super strength. You still have to use the giant swords sometimes. Some modern courtesy would help. – Gregory Ellner

    “Hack/Slash vs. Chaos!” #4: Man, you’re telling me, big guy. – Gregory Ellner

    “Immortal Hulk” #16: Hey Joe. Where you going? – Jake Hill

    “Immortal Hulk” #16: Now that Wreck-It Ralph is a thing and both series are owned by Disney, is it too much to ask Joe Fixit to be their answer to Fix-It Felix, Jr. to Green/Devil Hulk’s Ralph? – Gregory Ellner

    “Immortal Hulk” #16: He’s… not wrong. – Gregory Ellner

    “The Immortal Hulk” #16: It seems Marvel has it’s own Clayface now. Just call him. . . Nightmare Fuel. – Elias Rosner

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    “Justice League” #21: Don’t be mean to Jarro Starman! He’s perfect and his terrible one-liners will definitely make Bruce-man smile. – Elias Rosner

    “The Punisher” #10: Pay no attention to the warzone behind the curtain. – Gregory Ellner

    “The Punisher” #10: Well, when you say it like that, it sounds dumb. – Gregory Ellner

    “Silver Sun” #1:
    Juan Pablo Massa and Max Cereijido
    Unprovoked Zack Snyder Fan on Twitter
    Digital color over pencil and ink
    31.54 x 30.06 cm (12.417 x 11.833 in) – Dexter Buschetelli

    “Silver Sun” #1: Hard on the knees superhero landing trope. *Cinema Sins bell ding* – Dexter Buschetelli

    “Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider” #7: Hell yeah you can Gwen! – Elias Rosner

    “Uncanny X-Men” #15: Ocular surgery on Scott Summers is actually making me feel for Dark Beast. – Jake Hill

    “The Walking Dead” #190: Good to know they’re finally realizing this rather fundamental concept of the series. – Gregory Ellner

    “The Walking Dead” #190: That’s the fourth coolest blowing of the shofar I’ve seen this year. Not half bad, Magna. – Gregory Ellner

    “War of the Realms” #1: Loki – “Mmmmm, delicious stabby weapons.” Thor – “My brother is disgusting and I am ashamed.” – Elias Rosner

    “War of the Realms” #1: Never change, Spider-Man. Never change. – Elias Rosner

    “War of the Realms” #1: Can I get a hel nay? – Jake Hill

    “War of the Realms” #1: Thori is best murder dog and no one can tell me otherwise! – Elias Rosner

    “War of the Realms” #1: AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! (Every page of Dauterman and Wilson’s return deserves this comment. Every. Page.) – Elias Rosner

    “Young Justice” #4: Written out of continuity/the only robin to be majorly sidelined hug go! Seriously, New 52 & Rebirth gave Drake the short shrift. – Elias Rosner

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