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    Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 4/17/19

    By | April 20th, 2019
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    Welcome to Saturday Morning Panels! You know the drill. Each week the Multiversity staff lovingly scours the new releases to find you, our dear reader, our favorite panels and moments. And we have a fantastic line up for you this week!

    So kick-back, watch out for spoilers, talk about your favorites in comments section below, and enjoy!

    “Avengers: No Road Home” #10: This page gave me chills. – Robbie Pleasant

    “Avengers: No Road Home” #10: Oh shit, Peter Cannon has invaded the House of Ideas! Run! – Elias Rosner

    “Batman” #69: This is an issue of moment. Of quiet waltzes and tears. But none is more beautiful than than the simple shots Paquette gives of Batman & Selina. Also, Joelle Jones designed the best dresses & they are executed beautifully here. – Elias Rosner

    “Bloodborne” #11: Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Rom Yharnam wgah’nagl fhtagn. – Gregory Ellner

    “Bloodborne” #11: … Huh. – Gregory Ellner

    “Gideon Falls” #12: Why yes, I’d love a nice helping of aaaaAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! – Elias Rosner

    “Initial D” Vol. 1: The grand-daddy of multi-lane drifting is back y’all! Get ready to feel some Deja Vu as we go Running in the 90s. – Elias Rosner

    “Justice League” #22: Bat-Mite Returns is a movie I’d see. – Matt Garza

    “Justice League” #22: Francis Manapaul bringing the ARRRRRRRRRRRT. – Matt Garza

    “Little Bird” #2: Really enjoying Canadian Akira. – Dexter Buschetelli

    “Magnificent Ms. Marvel” #2: See? You can explode out of a bad guy without going up their butt. – Robbie Pleasasnt

    “Meet the Skrulls” #3: Letterer Travis Lanham didn’t mean to use “shook” in this panel, but he had just watched the new Billie Eilish video. – Dexter Buschetelli

    “Meet the Skrulls” #3: “You’ll float, too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too! YOU’LL FLOAT TOO! YOU’LL FLOAT TOO YOU’LL FLOAT TOO YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!” – Dexter Buschetelli

    “Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt” #4: Oh, wait, never mind. He’s in “Essex County” instead. Also, same Peter, same. – Elias Rosner

    “Shuri” #7: I feel like I’m going to spark a war within Multiversity for saying this, but I agree with Miles. – Robbie Pleasant
    “Shuri” #7: I’m from New Jersey and real pizza is Brooklyn pizza. The kind you can fold and eat while walking. The only crime against pizza is when you put pineapple on it. (Fight me.) – Kate Kosturski

    “Spider-Man: Life Story” #2: Look, I know shipping is all the rage but GWAR and Ween just seems like a weird combo. – Dexter Buschetelli

    “Thor” #12: Oh man. Necro-Loki. This is the real beginning of the end for Aaron’s “Thor” run. – Matt Garza

    “War of the Realms” #2: Dauterman’s Punisher looks like an angry thumb and I am SO HERE for it. – Elias Rosner

    “War of The Realms: #2: Be Still My Heart. – Matt Garza

    “War of the Realms” #2: This is my Thor. The Mighty Thor. She is worthy for she cares. She is worthy because not even becoming all-mother takes emotional precedence over her desire to protect and fight for those who need it. Now excuse me while I ugly cry and cheer at the same, conflicted time. – Elias Rosner

    “War of the Realms: War Scrolls” #1: God, how I miss Zdarsky & Quinonnes’ Howard the Duck. – Elias Rosner

    “West Coast Avengers” #10: I have nothing to add that could make this any better. I’ll just miss this series so much. Jeff needs to return in as many comics as possible. – Robbie Pleasant

    “West Coast Avengers” #10: If I could, I’d fill this whole column with Jeff to protest the unfair cancellation of the only series to make me like Gwenpool and Quentin. #justiceforjeff, #howdareyoucancelwestcoastavengersyoumonsters. – Elias Rosner

    “West Coast Avengers” #10: Who do I have to speak to at Marvel to pitch a Thori and Jeff spinoff? Because I want to write it and it will run for a hundred issues of face-eating, murdering fun. #JusticeForJeff. – Robbie Pleasant

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