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    Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 5/8/19

    By | May 11th, 2019
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    Welcome to Saturday Morning Panels! You know the drill. Each week the Multiversity staff lovingly scours the new releases to find you, our dear reader, our favorite panels and moments. And we have a fantastic line up for you this week!

    So kick-back, watch out for spoilers, talk about your favorites in comments section below, and enjoy!

    “Age of Conan: Belit” #3: Time passed, and Belit lost most of her clothes. – Jake Hill

    “Batman and the Outsiders” #1: What are we some kind of Suicid . . . oh right wrong franchise. – Kevin Gregory

    “Black Hammer: Age of Doom” #10: There’s no good way to comment on this panel. Just enjoy it as-is. – Nick Palmieri

    “Catwoman” #11: Now that’s what I call motion lines. – Jake Hill

    “Conan the Barbarian” #6: “Oh swordy, you’re the only one who understands me…” – Robbie Pleasant

    ”Detective Comics” #1003: Tis but a scratch. – Gregory Ellner

    “FCBD Avengers” #1: Tony’s said it for the both of us, captions. – Elias Rosner

    “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” #6: The ability to shout “HNNG!” is a superhero’s true secret weapon. *Not always effective, though. – Nick Palmieri

    “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” #6: Seriously Peter. Never underestimate Stilt-Man. He, uh, well, uh, he fought Daredevil a few times. So there. – Elias Rosner

    ”Gears of War: Hivebusters” #1: I’d say it makes sense in context, but would anyone actually believe me? – Gregory Ellner

    ”Hack/Slash vs. Chaos!” #5: This looks like the start of a beautiful bromance. – Gregory Ellner

    “Hawkman” #12: Lot of complicated continuity hugs this week. – Kevin Gregory

    “Ice Cream Man” #12: We don’t need any of your sass, time stamp. The Avengers already have that covered. – Elias Rosner

    “Murder Falcon” #8: FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK! We salute you! – Jake Hill

    “Murder Falcon” #8: That’s not just Metal, it’s The HEAVY Metal. – Elias Rosner

    “Murder Falcon” #8: That’s….*sniff* that’s not Metal. That’s just heavy. *cries in phrygian dominant scales.* – Elias Rosner

    “Murder Falcon” #8: The world, joined together in rock and destiny. – Jake Hill

    “Samurai Jack Lost Worlds” #1: The sense of atmosphere and movement in this panel are astounding. – Nick Palmieri

    “She Could Fly: The Lost Pilot” #2: This comic is a highly stressful read but so, so worth it for the way it visualizes and centers moments like these. – Elias Rosner

    “She Could Fly: The Lost Pilot” #2: Kids these days. – Nick Palmieri

    “Snow White with the Red Hair” Vol. 1: Never eat the mysterious apple, Zen! It’s ALWAYS poisoned, no matter how cute the tiny chomp is. – Elias Rosner

    ”Supergirl” #30: Feels. Overload. Can’t handle it. – Gregory Ellner

    ”The Batman Who Laughs” #5: For when being the “Goddamn Batman” just isn’t enough. – Gregory Ellner

    “The Batman Who Laughs” #5: Stand Name: [BAT OUTTA HELL], Stand Master: The #$%^&*$ Batman, Localization Name: [Flying Mouse in Purgatory]

    ”The Batman Who Laughs” #5: I wouldn’t worry about the Talons. They’re mostly armless. – Gregory Ellner

    “The Flash” #70: You know it’s gotta be special lightning when it is the sound it makes. – Elias Rosner

    “The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl” #44: The sparkles are a natural byproduct of magical girl transformations. But I also very much look forward to seeing someone cosplay this. – Robbie Pleasant

    “The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl” #44: It is the spiritual sequel to the “I guess” guy. – Elias Rosner

    “The Unstoppable Wasp” #7: Spoilers for Endgame. – Kevin Gregory

    “The Unstoppable Wasp” #7: So Jeremy Whitley and Alti Firmansyah manage to get in a Chamions/Young Avengers/G.I.R.L. team-up during the sweetest birthday party ever. Seriously, who do I need to pay off to get Whitley on a “Young Avengers” book? – Kevin Gregory

    “Unstoppable Wasp” #7: NADIA IS SO PURE I LOVE HER. – Kevin Gregory

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    “War of the Realms: Agents of Atlas” #1: Magic bear? Look, that’s clearly a Stand. I will call it [BEAR NECESSITIES], and nothing you or this comic can say can convince me otherwise. – Robbie Pleasant

    “War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery” #2: Jokes only Midwestern kids will get. – Jake Hill

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