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    Soliciting Multiversity: Dark Horse’s Top 10 in April 2018

    By | January 29th, 2018
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    Happy New Year! I hope 2018 gives all of you everything you want. Solicitations hit a couple of weeks ago but with the holidays, we took a little break.  New year, new month so it’s time for Soliciting Multiversity, our monthly look at the best that each publisher has to offer. As usual, we kick things off with Dark Horse. In March, we get a big ending and an even bigger beginning along with some much anticipated collections.  Let’s jump into this month’s picks.

    10. It’s The Final Count- I Mean, Fantasy 

    I don’t know much about Final Fantasy but I like to include these kinds of books on my solicits list because I know you like them. I also know that these books area always worth it. I have purchased a couple in the past and I’ve never been disappointed with the quality and the content. If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, particularly of the first six games, this is for you.

    Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive Volume 1 HC (advance solicit)
    Square Enix (W)
    On sale May 2
    On sale June 5
    FC, 336 pages
    HC, 8 1/2″ x 12″

    Dark Horse and Square Enix are thrilled to offer the first of three volumes celebrating the entrancing lore and exciting development of the initial six entries into the Final Fantasy saga. This astonishing journey through the creation of the seminal roll playing epic is finally available in English under official license for the first time ever!
    • Collecting art, commentary, and retrospectives from the first six Final Fantasy games.
    • Celebrating one of gaming’s most historic franchises!

    9. The Full Run 

    Like the last entry, I don’t know much about “Beanworld” however, I know this book has a loyal legion of fans and from what I understand, getting your hands on a full collected edition was not easy. Now it is. Pre-order it now so you’re set in June.

    Beanworld Omnibus Volume 1 TP(advance solicit)
    Larry Marder (W/A)
    On sale June 27
    FC, 600 pages
    TP, 6″ x 9″
    The iconic inhabitants of Larry Marder’s unique Beanworld universe are introduced in this complete collection of the Beanworld comic-book run! Join Mr. Spook, Professor Garbanzo, Beanish, and many others as they experience adventures in their world that prove, whether friends or adversaries, they are all ultimately dependent on each other for survival. Marder’s deceptively simple artwork illustrates a self-contained ecological fantasy realm with its own unique rules, truths, and lingo. Collects issues #1–#21.
    • The complete run of Larry’s Marder’s twenty-one Beanworld comics!
    “A deceptively simple title but thoroughly enjoyable, Beanworld regularly broaches themes of religion, environmentalism, industry, sociology, and even the inherent nature of art as part of the ongoing struggles of the beans and how they come to understand the world around them and each other.”—New York Journal of Books

    8. The End Of The Road?  

    One of the things that didn’t get talked about much when Disney bought 20th Century Fox was literally everything else outside of Marvel. 20th Century Fox owns a lot of things and the Alien franchise is one of them. Will Dark Horse be losing the rights to it soon? If they do, you can’t go out much better than a Gabriel Hardman written and drawn miniseries.

    Aliens: Dust to Dust #1 (of 4)
    Gabriel Hardman (W/A/Cover) and Carlos D’Anda (Variant cover)
    On sale Apr 25
    FC, 32 pages
    The Trono colony on LV-871 is under attack. Emergency evacuations are ordered. Evac shuttles are taking off. All twelve-year-old Maxon and his mom have to do is make it to the spaceport. Except between them and it are . . . Aliens!
    A terrifying coming-of-age story by master storyteller Gabriel Hardman.
    • Gabriel Hardman storyboarded the films Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Logan, Dawn of Planet of the Apes, and many others!
    • A reexamination of why we fear the Aliens!
    • On sale in time for Alien Day (4/26)!

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    7. The Epitome of Surrealism 

    I am a big fan of Dave McKean. I think his work is phenomenal and so completely unique. This book/blu ray collection has a lot of stuff I’ve never seen before so I’m excited to get my hands on it.

    Dave McKean: Short Films HC (advance solicit)
    Dave McKean (W/A/Cover)
    On sale June 27
    FC, 80 pages
    HC, 9 1/2″ x 11″
    Best known for his work with Neil Gaiman and his Harvey Award-winning graphic novel Cages, comes this Blu-ray collection of Dave McKean’s surreal short films collected in a behind the scenes hardcover book.
    Dark Horse proudly presents Dave McKean’s short cinema on Blu-Rray included in a 9 1/2″ x 11″ hardcover book featuring photos, posters, stills, drawings, and more. A must-have for McKean fans!
    • Foreword by Michael Sheen!

    6. Another One  

    The Mignolaverse is seeing some pretty big things in 2018. There’s a new Hellboy movie coming out and lots of new omnibuses (omnibi?) are coming out. This month, a short stories collection is solicited and these are really cool. The Mignolaverse is so big and over the years, Mignola has worked with some of the most amazing artists comic books have to offer and done one off stories with these characters. This is what this omnibus has to offer and it’s well worth buying.

    Hellboy: The Complete Short Stories Volume 1 TP (advance solicit)
    Mike Mignola (W/A/Cover), John Byrne (W), Richard Corben (A), Duncan Fegredo (A), Mick McMahon (A), Gabriel Ba (A), Fabio Moon (A), Matt Hollingsworth (C), James Sinclair (C), and Dave Stewart (C)
    On sale June 13
    FC, 368 pages
    TP, 7″ x 10″
    In 1994 Mike Mignola released the first Hellboy series, Seed of Destruction, as Hellboy faced his supposed destiny as Beast of the Apocalypse. Before that, he’d spent fifty years fighting monsters as a somewhat carefree member of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. The Complete Short Stories volumes 1 & 2 present those early adventures.
    “The Crooked Man” and “Double Feature of Evil,” both of which earned Mignola and his legendary collaborator Richard Corben Eisner Awards, are collected with the complete “Hellboy in Mexico” saga, featuring collaborations with Corben, Mick McMahon, Gabriel Ba, and Fabio Moon, as well as one of Mignola’s early masterpiece, “The Corpse.”
    This 368-page volume covers Hellboy’s adventures from 1947 to 1961.

    5.  I Guess I Have To Include This

    I don’t have the love for Frank Miller that most do. I honestly blame this on when I got into comics and my age. His influence is important but his work has never resonated with me. However, this column is all about what’s new and noteworthy and there are a lot of people out there who will be into this. This new series sees Miller returning the world of “300”which is pretty exciting, I guess.

    Xerxes: The Fall of the House of Darius and the Rise of Alexander #1 (of 5)
    Frank Miller (W/A/Cover) and Alex Sinclair (C)
    On sale Apr 4
    FC, 40 pages
    Frank Miller returns to the world of 300 with this sprawling historical epic! Persian King Xerxes sets out to conquer the world to avenge his father Darius’s defeat and create an empire unlike anything the world has ever seen . . . Until the hardy Greeks produce a god king of their own, Alexander the Great.
    • Frank Miller writes and draws this long-awaited companion to his masterpiece, 300!
    • Colored by Alex Sinclair, the colorist for Miller’s Dark Knight Master Race, third installment of his Dark Knight Returns master trilogy.
    • Deluxe collector format!
    • Thirty pages of story!

    4.  The End Is Near

    “Harrow County” is a book I desperately need to catch up. I’m about 2 trades worth of story behind and I feel the need to get caught up fast with the end of the series coming so near. If you like horror, this is a golden standard in comics. Anyone hoping to do horror in comics should study this.

    Continued below

    Harrow County #30
    Cullen Bunn (W) and Tyler Crook (A/Cover)
    On sale Apr 25
    FC, 32 pages
    The evil witch has returned with more power than ever, intent on consuming Emmy and her magic in this final arc to the hit series!
    “Few comics are as consistently well done as Harrow County. This is a riveting book that pulls you in hook, line, and sinker.”—Horror Talk

    3.  Gogi Vs. Zeedo

    I really love “Giants” and I really love how big it is while still feeling so self contained. It’s a gorgeously drawn story with a really good emotional center. I’m sad it’s ending but take this as your early reminder for the upcoming trade.

    Giants #5 (of 5)
    Carlos Valderrama (W) and Miguel Valderrama (A/Cover)
    On sale Apr 11
    FC, 32 pages
    Gogi and his adopted family face his former friend Zeedo and the gang he now controls. Against the backdrop of two giant monsters battling for supremacy, Gogi and Zeedo must determine which is stronger—brotherhood or ambition!
    The deadliest monsters live in the heart.

    2.  Missing You

    Have I mentioned that I really like “Zodiac Starforce?” Cause I really, really do. You now have the chance to pre-order the second volume, which works really well on its own. This is something you should absolutely do because I want a third miniseries. Do this for me. Do this for all that is good in the world.

    Zodiac Starforce Volume 2: Cries of the Fire Prince TP (advance solicit)
    Kevin Panetta (W), Paulina Ganucheau (A/Cover), and Sarah Stern (C)
    On sale June 6
    FC, 144 pages
    TP, 7” x 10”
    After defeating a former ZS member and her mean-girl minions the girls thought they’d get a little break, but a new big-bad has come out to play and demons are overrunning the town! The UK team’s secrets are causing a rift in the Zodiac alliance and divided they may fall! The series Comics Alliance calls “your favorite new magical girl team” returns with even more laughs, crushes, and monsters in their latest adventure! Collects Zodiac Starforce: Cries of the Fire Prince #1–#4.

    1.  I Mean, Obviously

    If you have read this site regularly, especially this column, then you know that we here at Multiversity absolutely love “Black Hammer.” It’s everything I love about superheroes with a ton of heart and fantastic art by Ormston and Stewart. In the time since the core series took a break, we got a full spin off miniseries that was just as good but I’m ready to get back into the action. I want to know what Lucy as Black Hammer means for everyone. I want to know if we’re getting off the farm. I am truly hyped for this return.

    Black Hammer: Age of Doom #1
    Jeff Lemire (W), Dean Ormston (A/Cover), Dave Stewart (C), and Skottie Young (Variant cover)
    On sale Apr 18
    FC, 32 pages
    The Eisner Award-winning superhero saga returns!
    Picking up immediately where we left off—Lucy Weber has become the new Black Hammer and right as she’s about to reveal to our heroes how they got stuck on the farm and can escape she vanishes. Now our new Black Hammer finds herself trapped in a gritty world filled with punk rock detectives, emo gods, anthropomorphic humans, absurdist heroes, and many more weirdoes, in a mad world in which there is no escape!

    Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments and check out the full solicitations at Newsarama.

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