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Soliciting Multiversity: Marvel’s Top 10 for March 2022

By | January 12th, 2022
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As we march on into March, Marvel has plenty more comics for us to enjoy. So many, in fact, that it was hard whittling the best ones down to a list of ten. There’s so much on the way, from the next stage of the “X-Men” series to the end of “Devil’s Reign,” and all of it is exciting. So let’s see which ones made it to the top ten, while everything else still deserves an honorable mention. It’s gonna be a good month.

10. Yo-ho, yo-ho, a Marauder’s life for me

Some X-family comics have gotten the cut, while others are continuing on with a new creative team, and I’m so pleased that “Marauders” remains ongoing. Steve Orlando is already taking things in crazy new directions by adding none other than Cassandra Nova to the team. Yes, Charles Xavier’s evil twin, who was just too evil and pissed off to die before she was even born, is teaming up with Kate Pryde and the rest of the Marauders. Crazy new character dynamics? Check. Seafaring adventures? Check. New mysteries to explore? Checkity-check-check. Let’s do this.

Marauders #1
Written by Steve Orlando
Illustrated by Eleonora Carlini
Cover by Kael Ngu
Variant covers by Peach Momoko, Tom Muller, Skottie Young, Leinil Francis Yu, Eleonora Carlini, Russell Dauterman, Erica D’Urso, and Lucas Werneck

• Captain Pryde and the Marauders are rededicating themselves to rescuing mutants, wherever they may be, and no matter how dangerous the odds against them are. But Captain Pryde’s crew is not yet complete! Against her better judgment, Pryde comes face-to-face with the final Marauder: Cassandra Nova! One of the most infamous villains in mutant history might be the Marauders’ only chance to unravel a mystery stretching two billion years into the past!

9. Fight of the Fantastics

For quite a while now, the “Fantastic Four” comics have been tossing mentions and foreshadowing around that Reed Richards has a secret about him and Ben Grimm so devastating that Ben would kill him if he ever learned it.

It looks like he’s about to learn it.

What is this secret that would drive such a wedge between longtime best friends? How will it play out in the middle of the Reckoning War? I have no idea, but I’m very curious to see what the answers are, so this is a comic I won’t be missing out on.

Fantastic Four #42
Written by Dan Slott
Illustrated by Rachael Stott
Cover by Cafu
Variant covers by R.B. Silva and Mike Allred

• “Brother Against Brother”
• One of the most pivotal planets in the Marvel Universe faces imminent destruction.
• Jennifer Walters, the Sensational SHE-HULK, finally learns her part in this chaos.
• And in the middle of all of this carnage, two lifelong friends will have a battle to the death – prepare yourself for THE THING versus MISTER FANTASTIC!

8. O Captain, My Captain

What If…? continued the Disney+ streak of giving us enjoyable and engaging Marvel shows, and perhaps no character made as big an impact as Peggy Carter as the super soldier Captain Carter. So of course Marvel is giving us a comic book version as well. It’s time to see what life was like for the Captain after she was brought into the modern day, between the end of her episode and the finale of the series. With Jamie McKelvie writing and Marika Cresta providing the art, it’s bound to be a fun one.

Captain Carter #1 (of 5)
Written by Jamie McKelvie
Illustrated by Marika Cresta
Cover by Jamie McKelvie
Variant covers by Jamie McKelvie, Todd Nauck, Sara Pichelli, Decla Shalvey, and Jen Bartel

• A reality where Agent Peggy Carter took the Super-Soldier Serum is turned upside down when the World War II hero is pulled from the ice where she was lost in action decades before.
• Peggy struggles to find her footing in a modern world that’s gotten a lot more complicated – cities are louder, technology is smarter and enemies wear friendly faces. Everyone with an agenda wants Captain Carter on their side, but what does Peggy want? And will she have time to figure it out when mysterious forces are already gunning for her?
• Prolific comics creator and designer Jamie McKelvie teams with rising star Marika Cresta to tell an unforgettable Captain Carter story for a modern age.

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7. Spider Fight!

We all knew that Ben Reilly’s time as Spider-Man was going to be temporary, especially with the Beyond Corporation pulling the strings. So this seems to be where his time as the comic’s lead comes to an end. Peter Parker is recovered enough to fight, and, as tends to happen in comics, that means they’re going to have to fight. The team of writers behind this arc have been working together to give us an epic story, so let’s see what it’s all leading up to.

Amazing Spider-Man #93
Written by Zeb Wells
Illustrated by Patrick Gleason
Beyond Board: Zeb Wells, Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar, Kelly Thompson, and Patrick Gleason
Cover by Arthur Adams
Variant covers by Gerardo Sandoval, Patrick Gleason, and Mark Bagley

• SPIDER-MAN VS. SPIDER-MAN! You may surprise yourself with who you’re rooting for.
• Don’t miss the conclusion to one of the most surprising Spider-Stories of the past decade.

6. Man, I Feel Like Reading About Super Women

Once more, Marvel is giving us an issue to highlight their talent and characters, and this time it’s the ladies’ chance to shine. We’re getting some of the top women at Marvel bringing us stories of some of the top women in the Marvel universe, and just look at that list of writers and artists! The “and more” also makes it clear we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg, so it’ll be great to see who else is bringing their talent to the issue and what characters they’ll be highlighting (personally, I’m hoping we’ll see some Squirrel Girl and Gwenpool, but that should come as no surprise).

Women of Marvel #1
Written by Charlie Jane Anders, Mirka Andolfo, Jordie Bellaire, Rhianna Pratchett, Pretti Chhibber, and more
Illustrated by Zoe Thorogood, Jen Bartel, Marguerite Sauvage, and more
Cover by Mirka Andolfo
Variant covers by Ernanda Souza, Audrey Mok, Lauren A. Brown, and Ashley Witter

• The talented women creators who have made Marvel the powerhouse that it is take on fan-favorite female characters within the Marvel Universe. From seasoned veterans to up-and-coming talent, this cast of writers and artists gives their own spin on beloved heroines, showing the fire, mystery, grace and joy that makes them phenomenal women. With superstar creators Charlie Jane Anders, Mirka Andolfo, Jordie Bellaire and many more, this issue is another must-have from the Voices pull list!

5. Shake Up the Lineup

When we at Multiversity were making our wishlists for 2022, one thing I hoped we’d see from Marvel was for them to shake up the Avengers lineup a bit. Well, it looks like my wish is getting granted, because the latest event in Jason Aaron’s epic “Avengers” run will see a new group rise, in addition to revealing the identity of this “Avenger Prime.” Who will be joining the team? Who will leave? And what multiversal secrets does Jason have planned to reveal? I can’t wait to see.

Avengers #54
Written by Jason Aaron
Illustrated by Juan Frigeri
Cover by Javier Garrón
Variant covers by David Nakayama, Greg Smallwood, and Rob Liefeld

• Doctor Doom and his Multiversal Masters of Evil have come hunting Deathloks. And now there’s only one Deathlok left, trapped inside the rubble of a besieged Avengers Mountain. Just in time for a new group of Avengers to rise from the ruins, with new members and at least one Avenger having been wildly transformed. And just who is the cosmic general who commands the Deathloks, the mysterious Avenger Prime?

4. New Logo, Same Hyper-Violence

Speaking of comics by Jason Aaron, he’s got a new “Punisher” run on the way, with artwork from Jesús Saiz and Paul Azaceta. Frank Castle embodies the hyper-violent vigilante anti-hero, so if that’s what you want from your comics, then you’ll want to check this one out. This new arc is bringing the Punisher to new places (specifically, to wherever the Hand is currently hiding), with new revelations on the way, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s planned.

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And, because for some reason every article and discussion about this new “Punisher” comic has to mention it: yes, he’s getting a new logo for this comic. But people are blowing that way out of proportion. No, they’re not changing it because of certain groups misappropriating the iconography or because anyone complained about his logo – they’re incorporating the Hand’s designs and logo into the Punisher skull because he’s working with the Hand for this run. Once it’s over, he’ll be back to the regular skull. That’s all. Moving on!

Punisher #1
Written by Jason Aaron
Illustrated by Jesús Saiz and Paul Azaceta
Cover by Jesús Saiz
Variant covers by Jen Bartel, Goran Parlov, John Romite Jr., Ernanda Souza, Benjamin Su, and Alex Ross

• Born of tragedy. Devoted to war. Unstoppable in his rage. As the Punisher, Frank Castle has become the most accomplished killer the world has ever seen. Now it’s time for him to face his true destiny. What shocking secret from Frank’s past will convince him to take the reins of the Marvel Universe’s most notorious clan of assassins? And once Frank becomes the warlord of the deadly ninjas of the Hand, will it also mean an end for the Punisher? Or a whole new bloody beginning? Join the superstar team of writer Jason Aaron and artists Jesús Saiz and Paul Azaceta for an epic exploration of the dark and violent past and inevitable future of one of Marvel’s most iconic characters.

3. Something Strange in the Neighborhood

The Sorcerer Supreme is dead. Long live the Sorcerer Supreme!

Yes, if you thought Doctor Strange would be coming back to life at the end of “The Death of Doctor Strange,” well, it looks like we’re not there yet. No, Clea is taking over as the Sorcerer Supreme, and while she is hoping to bring Stephen Strange back, we’re not there yet. Instead, we get a new central character as she explores the duties and responsibilities of her new role, and all the magical threats she must face. So let’s see what Jed MacKay has planned for us, as the good doctor takes his exit, and Clea takes up his cloak.

Strange #1
Written by Jed MacKay
Illustrated by Marcelo Ferreira
Cover by Björn Barends
Variant covers by J. Scott Campbell, Mahmud Asrar, Frank Brunner, and Skottie Young

• Doctor Strange is dead! And a new Sorcerer Supreme has taken the title, or should we say Sorceress? Haunted by her recently returned memories, Clea longs to bring Stephen Strange back from the dead! But when a mysterious group attacks the magical realm, Clea must rise to the duties of Sorcerer Supreme. For she is now the sole protector of Earth against magical threats. Don’t miss the twists and turns as Jed MacKay continues the story from DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE with artist Marcelo Ferreira (THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN)!

2. The Reign Ends

The Devil’s Reign is at its end. Chip Zfarsku and Marco Checchetto hit the ground running with this series, and it’s maintained its momentum the entire time, all leading up to this. What will come of Wilson Fisk and his time as mayor of New York? What impact will it have on the Marvel universe? There’s so much we don’t know, and I can’t wait to find out.

Heck, Marvel is keeping us in suspense so much that they haven’t even revealed the cover for the final issue yet! We had to use the image for issue #5 for this, that’s how much they’re building the anticipation.

Devil’s Reign #6
Written by Chip Zdarsky
Illustrated by Marco Checchetto
Cover by Marco Checchetto
Variant covers by Mark Bagley, Paulo Siquiera, and Julian Totino Tedesco

• Wilson Fisk’s hubris as mayor of New York has cast the city in the waiting arms of a cadre of dangerous and deadly super villains! Worse still, Fisk’s vendetta against the heroes who have stood against him for so long has left the city defenseless. You may think you’ve heard a tale like this before, but there will be no last minute bargains struck between Fisk and the heroes, no truce to stop the fighting and no mutual parting of the ways. Just blood, sweat and tears! Trust us, True Believer, you have NO IDEA what’s coming — or the effect it will have on the Marvel Universe!

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1. X Will Never Die

It’s a new day for the X-Men. “Inferno” has ended, Wolverine’s X Lives and Deaths are wrapping up, and mutants remain effectively immortal. This isn’t Kieron Gillen’s first foray into the world of mutants, and his previous time writing for the X-Men was absolutely fantastic, so his return is highly anticipated (especially if it means more from Mr. Sinister). Plus, Lucas Werneck has already shown us just how well his art can bring the merry band of mutants to the page, so this is a creative team that can’t miss.

Immortal X-Men #1
Written by Kieron Gillen
Illustrated by Lucas Werneck
Cover by Mark Brooks
Variant covers by Tom Muller, Todd Nauck, Phil Noto, Leinil Francis yu, Lucas Werneck, Peack Momoko, Oscar Vega, and Ema Lupacchino

• The Quiet Council rules the Krakoan age, for better… or worse. Now, shaken by INFERNO and X LIVES / X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE they strive to hold together, no matter how much they want to tear each other apart. Writer Kieron Gillen (UNCANNY X-MEN, ETERNALS, The Wicked + The Divine, Die) returns to the world of X with artist Lucas Werneck (TRIAL OF MAGNETO) to bring us all into the room where it happens. “It” being “the most powerful people on Earth deciding the fate of the whole planet.” Prepare for sinister secrets to be revealed and learn that some secrets are more sinister than others…

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