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    TerragenX: “Inhumans vs. X-Men” #5

    By and | February 28th, 2017
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    It’s on like Donkey Kong folks! The Inhumans and the X-Men are going to duke it out once and for all. “Inhumans vs. X-Men” is the second big heroes versus heroes event Marvel has launched this year and like “Civil War II,” we (Jess and Ken) are here to break it all down for you. In each installment of this column, we’re looking at the main book but along the way we’re sure that we’ll mention the tie-ins as well. When this is all said and done, a new column will launch with all the new titles. Jess will be looking at the Mutant side of things. In this edition, we’re looking at “Inhumans vs. X-Men” #4 and not only does it feature the funniest scene in the series so far but it gives the Inhumans a chance to get the upper hand. As usual, there will be spoilers.

    Written by Jeff Lemire & Charles Soule
    Illustrated by Javier Garron

    It’s Karnak vs. Fantomex in the world, as Medusa and her team attempt to liberate their secret weapon — Black Bolt. Storms are brewing as the X-Men make their move on the remaining Terrigen Cloud — will they be able to destroy it before it ends their entire species?

    Jess: Five issues down, one to go. We’re back with the fifth issue of “Inhumans vs. X-Men”. This was…kind of all over the place. Do you want to break down to our readers what went down?

    Ken: Well, we start by catching up with the Karnak vs. Fantomex fight. It’s a nice little contest and makes me smile because the creepy Not!Frenchman gets a battering.

    Jess: Then things just kind of escalate from there with multiple fights happening, lots of rallying being made and there are two big things that come of this. The Inhumans have got Black Bolt back and Forge and Moon Girl are working together on a machine that will take out the Terrigan Mist cloud.

    Ken: I got to admit, this was probably my favorite issue. And I’m talking about outside of “This is better just in comparison to Civil War II” way. I am just glad that the sensible group, the Nuhumans alongside Forge and Cyclops, are finally really entered the fray. We’ve talked before, how this didn’t have to escalate to such a point. Now the people who actually talked are getting ready to stop this. Ahura even got a mention, which made me happy.

    Jess: That was honestly my favorite aspect of this issue. The younger heroes and the smarter ones are finally together fixing this and I love that bit. I actually wish he had gotten more of that because this issue felt a little too compressed. There was so much happening that barely anything got more than 2 pages dedicated to it and while I totally understand why, it hit home why these big events/crossovers can struggle so much near the end.

    Ken: Yeah, I could see that. The Colossus vs Gorgon fight was a major victim to that unfortunately. Did get a chuckle out of the callback Soule did with Gorgon liking metal. That was fun. But I guess we should talk about a big scene here: Havok. Oh Havok. Correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t he still inverted from the whole AXIS event from a while back, or are we just in silent agreement to forget that?

    Jess: I honestly have no idea. To be honest, I don’t remember the last time I read a comic book with Havok in it.

    Ken: Well, not important. Team Inhumans-Trapped-In-Limbo finally find the imprisoned Black Bolt and he is being guarded by Havok, who has been having some reservations behind what’s going on. So, Jess, what’d you think of this scene?

    Jess: I actually felt it was kind of weak because honestly, Havok and Cyclops as close brothers or even brothers who care has always just been a thing used when it was convenient. What they went for was with good intentions and it isn’t on them to build a relationship I care about, but it still fell a bit flat for me.

    Continued below

    Ken: Yeah, this is probably the hardest bit of compression as we move to the final issue. I can see it in a “I’m just so damn tired of all this” way, but that still feels a stretch. Also, the prevalence of the “Cyclops = Hitler”. Ugh. Listen: I am no fan of Scott Summers. He’s a great example of mediocre white man feigning importance or even competence to me. But pushing this stuff just saps any nuance out of stories.

    Jess: I totally agree. It is a very strange comparison to start with and to make it that bluntly is ridiculous. I will say this, as all over the place as this was, there still hasn’t been an obligatory big death and I’m starting to believe we may avoid it.

    Ken: Well, now that you’ve said that, everyone needs to Die. I don’t make the rules, Jess.

    Jess: Good riddance to all of them I say. Kidding!!! So as far as the art goes, there isn’t a whole lot that stood out for me. I have enjoyed the consistency over the last few issues. I think a lot of my previous praise holds up but it doesn’t do much more than it has. What did you think of the art?

    Ken: It was fine? I know that sounds kind of a base thing to say, but that is kind of what I’ve got. It’s serviceable, even if it is starting to feel some mad stretching. One example that came out to me was Havok’s scars kinda looking like brownish noodles.

    Jess: Yeah the sequences with Havok were rough. Garron does great work, overall, but for what ever reason, his depiction of Havok’s scars did not work at all. I think he’s great though at big, superhero action and I love how expressive his characters still are.

    Ken: So. We are now at the final issue. Long trip. Hopefully the final issue can make some form of a landing.

    Jess: I don’t entirely know what to expect from this final issue but I am kind of eager to get to it.

    Ken’s Final Verdict: 7.2
    Jess’s Final Verdict: 6.8

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