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    The Comics Internet Aggregate Rankings for Best Comics of the Year

    By | December 31st, 2014
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    The Comics Internet is an increasingly sprawling place, and one that covers a wide breadth of disparate interests when it comes to comics. It’s not just superhero comics, it’s independent comics, esteemed graphic novels, webcomics and many more varieties that get covered on a daily basis. In the process, especially at this time of the year, it seems we’re always trying to decide what the best comics are and were, but it’s always hard to find a consensus of any sort.

    Until now, that is.

    Taking a page from comic blog of a bygone era I Love Rob Liefeld’s old meta-lists, I’ve put together the Comics Internet Aggregate Rankings, showing off what the critic community within comics thinks collectively are the best comics of 2014. The idea is simple, and here’s how it works.

    I went through each “Best Of” list I found on the comics internet, and took every comic that was listed – there were well over 100 comics and graphic novels featured – and for every appearance a comic made on a list, it earned a vote. That is, besides cases where multiple issues appeared, with those just earning one vote. From there, the comics were ranked accordingly, and thus, the Comics Internet Aggregate Rankings for Best Comics of the Year – or at least the top 15, due to ties – were decided. You can find the complete results below, as well as the individual lists (with links!) the rankings were collected from at the bottom.

    1. “Saga” by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples (11 votes)

    2 (tie). “Ms. Marvel” by G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, Jake Wyatt and more (9 votes)

    2 (tie). “The Multiversity” by Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Chris Sprouse and more (9 votes)

    2 (tie). “Seconds” by Bryan Lee O’Malley (9 votes)

    5 (tie). “Andre the Giant” by Box Brown (7 votes)

    5 (tie). “Sex Criminals” by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky (7 votes)

    5 (tie). “The Love Bunglers” by Jaime Hernandez (7 votes)

    5 (tie). “The Wicked + The Divine” by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (7 votes)

    5 (tie). “The Wrenchies” by Farel Dalrymple (7 votes)

    5 (tie). “Through the Woods” by Emily Carroll (7 votes)

    11 (tie). “Beautiful Darkness” by Fabian Vehlmann and Kerascoët (6 votes)

    11 (tie). “Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?” by Roz Chast (6 votes)

    11 (tie). “How to Be Happy” by Eleanor Davis (6 votes)

    11 (tie). “Southern Bastards” by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour (6 votes)

    11 (tie). “This One Summer” by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki (6 votes)

    David Harper

    David Harper mainly focuses on original content, interviews, co-hosting our 4 Color News and Brews video podcast, and being half of the Mignolaversity and Valiant (Re)visions team. He runs Multiversity's Twitter and Facebook pages, and personally tweets (rarely) @slicedfriedgold. By day, he works in an ad agency in Anchorage, Alaska, and he loves his wife, traveling and biscuits & gravy (ordered most to least, which is still a lot).


    • Jeremy Carrier

      ComicBookResources just finished up their top 100


      • heratio hufnagel

        And then Harper’s head exploded.

      • That top 100 can burn in hell. I’m using their top 10!

    • Ian A.

      If Southern Bastards and This One Summer each received 7 votes, shouldn’t they be tied for #5 on the list?

      • No, it just means I’m bad at copy/pasting! Fixed!

    • Tim Hammer Maker

      What does it mean that Multiversity’s number one series of the year (Mind MGMT) doesn’t crack the aggregate list? I trade wait on the series (actually hardcover wait) so I can’t speak to recent issues, but the consistency throughout three volumes has led me to believe that it remains the same, and other websites would likely see the same thing we are seeing here…

      • heratio hufnagel

        I’ve only read the first hardcover, but I dug the series a lot. I’m sure a lot of other folks are like me, and just haven’t stuck with it for whatever reason. So many good comics out in the last few years, ya know?

        I’m gonna look for the second HC next time I’m in the store, though; cause I remember liking it well enough.

      • It just means everyone has different tastes, and also that there is likely a certain level of recency bias when it comes to these lists. It did receive a good amount of votes, but it is also much older than everything else you see listed besides Saga, and that’s just a monster. Only two books aren’t new this year, so it shows a certain level of favoritism towards new books (that are also excellent).

    • Dandy
    • Paul David Houston

      Saga made my best of list for sure http://coverlessreviews.tumblr.com/post/106515082048/my-favorite-comics-of-2014 along with Bartkira, Alex + Ada and Day Men. (shameless self-promotion bit done)