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    The Multiversity Casting Couch – Runaways

    By | April 30th, 2010
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    Welcome to this week’s edition of The Multiversity Casting Couch. If you somehow missed last week’s EPIC debut, what I do is take an existing property and I cast it with actors and actresses that I think fit the role. This week it’s the series created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, The Runaways! It was a particularly challenging one, as it’s a teen-centric book, so you SHOULD have teen centric stars. I have a feeling this one may be a little more “controversial” than most others, because where are most of the teen stars? Why, they’re over at Disney and Nickelodeon. So bear with me.

    For those of you who don’t know, Runaways is a great concept, what would you do if you found out your parents were supervillains? Would you try to join the family business or would you run away? Well, let’s hope you chose the latter, because we don’t want any Red Mist wannabes! Spoiler Alert?

    Also, I admit I got SOME help on this from a friend who is much more star oriented than I in the teen areas. I swear she’s not a stalker. I also focused on just the first arc, which does not include Victor, Xavin, or Klara, and decided against casting ALL of the parents, because the only one that really matters is Alex’s dad anyway (to me)!

    Nico Minoru — Demi Lovato

    My first pick and it’s a Disney star. I know; you all must be fuming right now. But while you might think it’s silly, she LOOKS the part. If you put some gothy makeup on her, she kind of becomes Nico, for better or for worse. Demi also has some surprising dramatic and comedic talent, which makes for an affable and likable team leader.

    (But on a side note, if rumors are true and she used to be a cutter, she might already be able to call the Staff of One!)

    Karolina Dean — Laura Vandervoort

    Best known for her work on Smallville and V, Laura is a probably the sci-fi/geek it-girl at the moment. But she’s also a fairly decent actress who can play off superpowers pretty well. And add to that the homosexuality of the character, and it gives new depth for her to explore.

    Molly Hayes — Chloe Grace Moretz

    This was actually the first role I had cast in my mind, after seeing the movies Kick-Ass, I oddly found Miss Moretz playing not only Hit-Girl very well, but also the superhero at the other end of the spectrum. Princess Powerful herself. Molly Hayes. When she was not in costume in the film, she was everything Molly should be. Innocent, sweet, and child-like, with a lot of energy (but, you know, without the butterfly knives and excessive cursing). Give her a funny hat, and you have your Molly.

    Chase Stein — Shane Kippel

    Anyone who ever watched an episode of Degrassi ever knows Spinner Mason. If you give him a pair of fistigons and a Leapfrog, you have Chase in spades. Shane Kippel has actually done almost all of Chase’s character arcs on the show already, so it would be a walk in the park for him to play everyone’s favorite loudmouth jock!

    Alex Wilder — Malcolm David Kelley

    For the crucial role of Alex, you need someone who can portray a bit of intensity and thoughtfulness to the role. And as someone who was on one of the most intense shows on TV, he’d be perfect for the role.

    Continued below

    Gertrude Yorkes — Mae Whitman

    Yes, Ann Veal/Roxy. It’s kind of a win, because Gert is an unconventional beauty, which is more conventional in real life, sadly. But Mae has the look to be intelligent and since she was on Arrested Development at one point, who knows the ins and outs of sarcasm and dry wit, something of which Gert has an abundance.

    Old Lace — Sarah Jessica Parker

    Right? RIGHT? I thought so.

    Geoffrey Wilder — Terry Crews

    Since he’s largely the mastermind of the Villainous Pride, he’s purposefully the only one I cast. Otherwise I’d be here all night. But Terry Crews, best known recently from Everybody Hates Chris and those HILARIOUS Old Spice commercials, knows comedy, but he’s also a scary, imposing individual. He’s played the caring dad, and the badass who will make you cry just by flexing his pecs. And that my friends, is perfect for the role of Geoffrey.

    There you have it! Have anything to add? Send it to the comments and don’t forget to check out our forums!

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