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    A CHALLENGER APPROACHES: Deadpool In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    By | May 18th, 2009
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    (Note: I spied this in our news feed and just had to make comments on it)

    It’s of no surprise to any regular reader that Deadpool is a favorite here at Multiversity. I’ve updated about him enough times as is, what with his freqent appearances in comic books and his latest foray into film. And today (although we all saw this coming), Marvel has officially announced Deadpool as a playable character in Marvel Ultimate Aliiance 2. Seeing as Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a favorite of mine on the next gen consoles, I’ve been highly anticipating this game fo ra long time, especially with the Civil War plot line being the central focus (even if it totally ignores the set up ending of Marvel Ultimate Alliance).

    So what does Deadpool look like? Here’s a big picture for you to oggle:

    Click image for higher resolution
    Wow. Talk about little details, am I right? Originally, the first thing I thought when I saw this image was, “Wow, talk about a bad cosplay job.” But when I went to the developers diary and read more as well as saw more about the character (which you can also do by clicking here) I began to really appreciate all the work that went into the Deadpool costume. It’s actually very cool to look at, especially because it gives you an idea how a person like Wade Wilson would actually make the type of costume he wears. I especially love the buttons alongside the right lapel. That’s a really nice touch. And even though I’m not a fan of the whole… I’m not sure what to call it, but the thing he got in Cable and Deadpool that he wears on his chest and then ditches after the end of the series. That. Right in the center. See it? Yeah. Not a fan of it. But it is accurate due to him wearing it during the Civil War time line, and it doesn’t look as bad as I thought it did in the comics there. Also, IGN posted a trailer for Deadpool’s character in the game, so if you want to see what he looks like in action, please click here. All I can say is, “Holy wow.” That and, “This game can’t come fast enough.” Suffice it to say, I will probably get dumped and fired around the time of this release due to neglecting my real life responsibilities (and did you notice the brief Iron Fist moment in the trailer? I am pumped!).

    I’m going to do my best to update with character stuff as it is released for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 from now on, although no promises because they release a lot of info. I just have a soft spot in my heart for Deadpool because when I was growing up, all I really read was Venom and Deadpool related comics. Sure, I read other stuff, but those two were and still are my favorite characters in any comic book series. And this game looks phenomenal. The first one was so much fun that I played it repeatedly more than any other game I currently own, and I have almost every achievement for it on XBOX Live! (I still need to find 3 friends to play it with me… harumph.) As soon as pre-order information comes up, I will not only post it here, but I will put every last penny I have down on it, because I can’t even remotely wait to play it anymore.

    Also, as one last note, I think the following image showing how faithful the developers are trying to be to the Civil War storyline is very awesome, and everyone should marvel at it (no pun intended):

    Click image for higher resolution
    EDIT: No sooner do I speak of pre-orders than I see that one is indeed available at Game Stop. While I wish there would be some kind of super mega edition that I could spent $100 on for lots of goodies, figurines, and other useless knick-knacks I don’t need but inexplicably want, I don’t really see that happening. It didn’t happen for the first one, and I know because I check plenty of different places before finally deciding to get it at Best Buy for an “exclusive comic book.” I’ll also have the world know I bought this game twice – once for the PS2, and once for the XBOX 360 with all the extra heroes and villains. So I’m a devoted fan to this series. So if you would like to pre-order your copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, please click the link to the right and enjoy. If September 1st is the actual release date and the game does not get pushed back again, it looks like September will be a great month for yours truly, true believers.

    Matthew Meylikhov

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