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    By | May 20th, 2009
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    Ho. Ly. Wow. Look at that Juggernaut. Is that not the most unstoppable mother fraker you have ever seen or is that not the most unstoppable mother fraker you have ever seen? Unbelievable. I’ve been staring at that picture for a while and I had to remind myself, “Matt! You run a comics blog! Go blog about this!” Doesn’t that look incredible though? That’s probably the most detailed/intricate costume I have ever seen for the behemoth. I am seriously in awe here at the level of work put into his costume. I understand that the Juggernaut will most likely be a parralel character to the Hulk, and as far as who to put into the game he’s an oddball choice. But even so, just look at him! I might not ever even use him and I’m still amazed at how he looks. I love the choices for his costume. He just looks… wow. This game is shaping up wonderfully.

    For more information about the Juggernaut, please click here.
    In other news, I don’t know how many people have heard about this, but there’s a guy running a blog in which he makes a toy a day. The blog is aptly titled Toy-A-Day, and the designs are really cool. Basically, the toys are little boxes, and you print them out, cut them, and tape/paste them together to create a little figure to play where ever you’d like. So, instead of doing work, I printed out and made my own for my office desk:

    Cute, huh? I will probably make more of them through out the upcoming weeks as they’re just so much fun to do, and they’re time consuming. Soon I’ll have a desk covered in little figures and everyone will call me “the creepy guy” in the office. I can’t wait.

    Matthew Meylikhov

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