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    By | July 28th, 2009
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    Were we even supposed to know this one? I remember that the news of Green Goblin and Venom “leaked,” and I have seen nothing from the M:UA2 team promoting this. HOWEVER, I have seen the character video for him so it’s definitely legit. Either way, we now have one of the final 3 characters, and he makes 100% sense unlike the last two.

    For those don’t really know Civil War that well, none of it would have happened without Penance. Or, as he was known at the time, Speedball. See, the reason Civil War happened was the New Warriors were trying to stop a supervillain who exploded in Stamford, Connecticut, killing everyone (women, children, and New Warriors alike) except for Speedball. Filled with grief, he was tried and found guilty for being the cause of all these murders and sent to jail where he was tormented and beaten by other inmates. At the end of the War, however, he was put into the new Thunderbolts rehabilitation program as Penance, the most emo-tastic super hero/villain ever. Including Penance in the games playable roster is something that, to me, is easily understandable. We already have several Thunderbolts on the team anyway, why not add the only one that really matters to Civil War?

    2 heroes/villains are left – who will they be?



    Matthew Meylikhov

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