A Firestorm Ongoing?

By | September 16th, 2010
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This rumor is circulating around the internet pretty quickly at the moment, so I figure we might as well share it with you lovely Multiversity folks – apparently, a Firestorm ongoing title may just be announced over at NYCC this year.

At a Firestorm fansite (aptly titled Firestorm Fan), a rumor has sprung up from Toronto’s Fan Expo that Firestorm would be getting a new title from a “certain creator.” That’s about it. No names, no real confirmation. Not only that, but everyone who comes out of Brightest Day “alive” will be getting one. That certainly would be a lot of people, wouldn’t it? Of course, those of you who have read this week’s Brightest Day would know that things aren’t looking very good for Firestorm at the moment.

I can’t say I’d be overly interested in a Firestorm ongoing, but if that is true, it looks like DC is going to have a whole heaping of new books next year, and NYCC might have quite a few announcements in store.


Matthew Meylikhov

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