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    Abe Sapien Gets an “Ongoing” from Mignola, Allie and Fiumara, Plus New Lobster Johnson and Fegredo’s Hellboy

    By | January 3rd, 2013
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    Revealed Monday on Robot 6, it looks like Abe Sapien is getting his own ongoing spin-off series, seeing the first major expansion of the Mignolaverse since “BPRD” originally spinned out of “Hellboy.” While it will still be a series of minis (and we’ve seen a few of those in Abe’s corner of the world so far), the latest – “The Dark and the Terrible”, a 3-part story illustrated by Sebastian Fiumara – will be the first of a new maxi-series that sees Abe on the run from the BPRD (what!) as his body evolves further.

    Allie mentions that the book has big plans to run in parallel to “BPRD” and that it will all tie back at a later date, assumedly as “Hell on Earth” builds towards a grandiose conclusion of some kind in the same way that the War of Frogs did. It’s also mentioned that Fiumara has illustrated a two-part Lobster Johnson story to debut in the spring, so get excited for that as well as the Duncan Fegredo Hellboy graphic novel, “The Midnight Circus.” So much Mignolaverse, so far away.

    For the full interview, check out Robot 6.

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