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    Adam Hughes on Wonder Woman #600

    By | June 30th, 2010
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    Regardless of your opinion of the new costume and direction of Wonder Woman (which appears to be polarizing, but mostly negative), I’d find it very difficult for anyone to find fault in one aspect of today’s issue #600: Adam Hughes’ piece.

    While some definitely think Hughes verges on cheesecake too much, emphasizing certain wondrous aspects of Diana while not exactly focusing on anything else, this page is absolutely phenomenal. I love the paper choice, the cell shading and coloring, and everything about the actual design and character work. The way she is lifting an elephant while still standing on her tippy toes in front, the way the boys look on fearfully and the girls look on with pride and excitement…everything.

    This piece captures everything that is right about Wonder Woman just about as much as JMS and Jim Lee seemed off base with their design and reimagining. In one image, I feel like Adam Hughes understands the character far more than both of those two fabled creators. Such is life.

    David Harper

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