Adam WarRock Releases Akira-Themed EP

Adam WarRock, the pop-culture loving hip-hop nerd that he is, has recently recorded and released a brand new EP entitled “Neo-Tokyo” that has gone live today. Featuring 7 tracks, the entire album is based on Akira, the anime film based on the Katsuhiro Otomo comic. Produced by DicepticoN and featuring Chris Haley (of “Let’s Be Friends Again”) fame on the last track, it’s a fun record that will assuredly make you want to pop in your copy of the film on DVD, or even check out the graphic novels and read along. And hey, that Chris Haley can sing quite well.

Take a listen to the track “…Is About To Explode” right below, set to all the Akira clips you require, and pick up the full digital EP for $5 right here.

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