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    Ales Kot and Marco Rudy Team-Up for “Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier”

    By | July 10th, 2014
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    Not be outdone by DC’s earlier October announcement, Marvel has also unveiled a pretty great looking new title: “Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier,” by Ales Kot and Marco Rudy.

    Announced at the AV Club, Ales Kot and Marco Rudy will be teaming up for the new series this October. While details are scarce on what will be featured in the new book, it is noted by the AV Club that Bucky’s role as a classified operative who most people still think is dead is definitely at play in the book. Editor Wil Moss notes that “Bucky’s operating on an intergalactic stage now,” noting that we’ll see him in Limbo, Asgard and more.

    Kot is certainly becoming a regular at Marvel with “Secret Avengers” and the recently ended “Iron Patriot,” and a book starring the Winter Soldier seems like it’d be very much in his wheelhouse (especially since, before he took over “Secret Avengers” from Nick Spencer, there were apparently plans to utilize Bucky in that book a bit more). I would imagine that “Winter Soldier” falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum between the more serious tones of “Iron Patriot” and the humor prevalent in “Secret Avengers,” but Kot clearly does enjoy spies and surrealism as evident by “Zero” so this book seems like a great match for him.

    Also, this is maybe the best answer to an interview question today:

    A.V. ClubWhat are the things that attract you to Bucky as a character?

    Ales Kot: Sexy abs.

    Meanwhile, Marco Rudy is becoming one of the most vaunted artists in comics with the mind-bending “Marvel Knights: Spider-Man” and the recent “New Avengers” Annual. With his mixed media artwork that repeteadly invents and reinvents itself in new and astounding ways, Rudy seems like a perfect artist to work with Kot as they explore similar interests in David Lynch-esque reality questioning. Kot even describes Rudy as a wizard, which seems apt.

    Heck, that cover alone speaks volumes about what Rudy is capable of, as it explores the various roles that Bucky has had over the years, from boy wonder to super soldier to mysterious assassin, all wrapped up in layers that break apart and become at times hard to define in a singular way. That cover is Bucky Barnes Defined, essentially, and gives me infinite interest in the book to follow.

    For a character like Bucky, so firmly rooted in the world of spies and espionage since his return, questioning what is real and what isn’t is a big part of what we as readers have to do in his stories. Kot and Rudy are beyond perfect for that, sexy abs aside. It will be great to see how the two push each other.

    Look for “Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier” #1 and sexy abs this October. Mostly the sexy abs, though.

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