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    Ales Kot is Adapting “Zero” into a Pilot for a Potential TV Show

    By | February 24th, 2014
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    Via an interview at Bleeding Cool and confirmed by Kot on Tumblr, it appears that Ales Kot might be bringing his big ol’ fan favorite comic book series “Zero” to the TV, and he’s doing it on his own terms.

    So what’s the Zero show about? Just a straight port of the comic book? No, sir or madam, it’s not. As Kot explains:

    Definitely a new story. Although there are a few similarities, I believe that an adaptation for another medium has to be its own thing, a creation that is made with that specific medium in mind. So that’s the rule I’m following, as I have no interest in writing the same thing twice.

    Kot also refers to Zero as the modern day James Bond, which I don’t ostensibly disagree with, so “Zero” could make an interesting TV show. And whatever network it appears on could also inherently inform what kind of show it’ll be, whether we get something wonderful and dark on HBO like True Detective, or something that critically divides fans on ABC like Agents of SHIELD. Heck, maybe Zero could be about a dreamy dude with abs that go on forever on the CW like Arrow? I’d watch that.

    Of course, Ales writing the pilot is the big part of the news here, which reminds me of a quote from Ales from an interview I conducted with him before “Zero” #1 hit stands (he says, somewhat egotistically linking to his own interview in a news piece):

    “Zero” is me having free reign. I am interested in having full creative control in everything I do.

    So congrats to Ales on getting to try and bring his comic to life and, as always, retaining creative control.

    The “Zero” trade is out in stores now. We also did a nifty interview about it, if you want to check that out.

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