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    All-Star Superman DC’s Next Animated Film For 2011

    By | July 27th, 2010
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    Every post about this news should start like this: All-Star Superman is the greatest Superman story ever told. It is quite possibly one of the most touching and moving pieces that Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely will ever do together, even more so than WE3. I’m not going to lie – every time I go back to reread All-Star Superman, I tear up quite a bit. It’s just that damn good of a story.

    Now, Dwayne McDuffie has revealed that his next big project is an adaptation of said film for DC’s Animated universe. You might recognize Dwayne McDuffie’s name as the co-creator of shows like Ben 10 and popular characters like Static. This is incredibly exciting news for fans of the comic, because anyone that’s read it has clearly been struck by it. The story features Superman in his last days when, after being tricked by Lex Luthor, it turns out that he’s dying. The rest of the series plays out as a Last Will and Testament of sorts, as Superman faces different challenges per issue and defines his legacy before the final confrontation against his greatest enemy.

    The film will come out in 2011, after Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, and I can only hope it is as brilliantly epic as the comic will. It will be a difficult adaptation to do, but it’s clear McDuffie does respect the work (as can be seen in his brief description of it in the post above), so here’s to hoping it turns out.

    Here’s also to hoping that the film adapts Quitely’s style of art to the animation as we’ve seen DC’s Animated department do with A New Frontier and Public Enemies (although they didn’t do it for Crisis on 2 Earths, an adaptation of Morrison and Quitely’s Earth-2).

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