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    Amy Reeder Designs NYCC’s 2014 Anti-Harassment Signs

    By | September 30th, 2014
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    Posted on her blog (with a hat tip to Robot 6), Amy Reeder has apparently been contacted by the people behind NYCC to design their new anti-harassment signs, which you can see above and below and which will be all around the con.

    As Reeder writes on her blog,

    In addition to designing the Brooklyn Defender this year, NYCC asked me to illustrate something they can use for their anti-harrassment signs around the convention floor. The smart idea would probably have been to draw one character in my style, for recognition’s sake, but I had this idea in my head and really wanted to try something new. I wanted it to be modular, so they could change it and use bits as they like. And I wanted it to feel inclusive. No one wants to be harassed.

    NYCC has been taking massive steps to ensure that their convention is safe and fun for everyone, including a complete overhaul of their harassment policy done in conjunction with the Mary Sue and now these signs, which is great. While there are still horrible stories to come out of conventions every year ranging from harassment to assault of varying degrees, it is nice to see conventions like NYCC — which has grown exponentially in size in the past few years, nearing the size and statue of Comic Con International in San Diego — introduce hardline, zero tolerance policies at their shows.

    That they got Amy Reeder to design signs for them is an added bonus, really.

    NYCC is almost a week away at this point. We look forward to seeing everyone there, and Reeder’s signs in person.

    Matthew Meylikhov

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