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    Ant-Man and The Wasp Team Up… Wait, What?

    By | August 9th, 2010
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    No, you read that correctly. It looks like Marvel will be releasing a new mini-series starring O’Grady Ant-Man and Pym Wasp. The series will be written and arted by Tim Seeley. The series will deal with Eric O’Grady looking to update his suit and thinking that it might be a good idea to get some help from Hank Pym – despite knowing that Hank Pym doesn’t like him. Not only that, but it looks like Bill Foster will having something to do with this story. Yes, you read that right as well: the man killed by Ragnarok during Civil War is somehow involved in this story. Do I smell a resurrection?

    Seely has this to say about the mini:

    I think a lot of writers probably say this, but I grew up on Marvel and have been reading about Hank since I first picked up an issue of WEST COAST AVENGERS. So, the challenge is to write the characters as you grew up on, but also with as much of an eye toward the new as possible. I [need to] distill what I know and love about them, and hope both old and new readers get the characters. But I’m having a blast on it, and I’m totally indebted to [editors] Jordan [White] and Tom [Brevoort] for letting a guy known for writing a horror book take a crack at the Avengers. And I get to draw it too!

    The mini is set to be released in November. For some sweet artings, take a look at the official press release over at Marvel.com.

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