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    Superheroes Back in Riverdale for “Archie Superteens VS Crusaders”

    By | February 23rd, 2018
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    Archie Comics’ flagship superhero team The Mighty Crusaders will come face to face with some of Riverdale’s most unlikely heroes, the Superteens in a two-issue crossover event this summer, according to a press release from Archie Comics. The event will be spearheaded by veteran Archie Comics creators including writers Ian Flynn, David Williams, and Gary Martin, and artists Kelsey Shannon, Williams, Martin, and Jack Morelli.

    Riverdale High’s new substitute teacher is very odd. Snubbed by the scientific community, he plans his revenge—on the students of Riverdale High! It’s going to take a team of people with some mighty powers to stop him. Archie Comics’ two most renowned superhero teams are going to meet up for the first time ever in this special mini-series! Features cover 1 of 2 special connecting main covers!

    “The meeting of these two super-teams has been a long-time coming and it’s got all the fun and excitement you could expect from a collision of these two properties!” says Flynn. The press release adds that the publisher has heeded its fans’ call for more of Riverdale’s Superteens since they were first introduced in 1965’s “Life with Archie” #42 by Frank Doyle and Bill Vagoda, where Archie’s alter ego, Pureheart the Powerful, first gets his powers. “The Mighty Crusaders” debuted in 1965 as well, written by Superman co-creator, Jerry Siegel.

    It seems these two superhero teams will have to face a looming new threat, but can they do so without clashing amongst themselves? We’ll just have to wait for this action hamburger packed story to find out. Look for “Archie Superteens VS Crusaders” hitting shelves June 20, 2018, and be sure to head to ArchieComics.com to check out more artwork, including the cover for issue two.

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