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    Aspen’s Lady Mechanika Set To Return This July

    By | June 29th, 2011
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    Aspen Press Release

    Aspen is excited to announce the red-hot new steampunk adventure series, Lady Mechanika, by superstar artist Joe Benitez, will be returning on July 13th. Following a delay due to unforeseen circumstances, Aspen is ready to bring back the popular heroine this summer with the release of Lady Mechanika #2 as well as the Lady Mechanika Collected Edition. Aspen appreciates the support and patience the fans and retailers have given the title. Editor-In-Chief Vince Hernandez:

    “The encouragement for the next issue of Lady Mechanika, and the patience of both the fans and retailers in this regard cannot be understated. We’re so thankful that everyone understood that the situation for the delay was unplanned and definitely unintended. We’re well aware of the importance of delivering the series on time and apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay. But, we’re also thrilled to be able to provide, in our opinion, an amazing issue #2 that we are extremely proud of, and I think that people will really be pleased with the final product.”

    Lady Mechanika #2 is written and illustrated by series creator Joe Benitez with colors by acclaimed colorist Peter Steigerwald. The return of Lady Mechanika will feature two direct covers by Benitez and Steigerwald, and Ale Garza and Steigerwald. Lady Mechanika #2 will also feature two retailer incentive covers by Benitez and Steigerwald, as well as a Comic-Central.com exclusive variant cover featuring an additional all-new cover by Benitez and Steigerwald, limited to only 1000 copies.

    Aspen will also be offering a Lady Mechanika #2 San Diego Comic Con 2011 exclusive cover by Benitez and Steigerwald, and limited to 1000 copies, which will be available at the Aspen Comics Booth #2321 in addition to other exclusive Aspen Comic Con covers.

    For the full press release, please check behind the cut. For a review of the first issue, click here.

    Fans of Lady Mechanika are encouraged to note the release of the Lady Mechanika Collected Edition on July 13th as well, which contains both the sold out issues zero and one in a single oversized value-priced issue for retailers and fans looking to catch back up on the series. The Lady Mechanika Collected Edition will also feature an all-new AspenStore.com exclusive cover, limited to 1000 copies. Aspen strongly recommends fans and retailers to place their orders early for both Lady Mechanika #2 and the Lady Mechanika Collected Edition, reflective of the initial strong sales and availability of the first few issues of the series.

    For more information on Aspen Comics please check www.aspencomics.com and www.aspenstore.com.

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