Batman Eternal Teaser Brings Hooded Figures and No Nightwing

By | November 19th, 2013
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One of my favorite things about Old DC was when they’d release elaborate easter egg filled teasers for upcoming line-wide changes. It’s not something DC does too much of anymore, focusing instead on pictures of everyone fighting everyone.

But today, as tweeted by Scott Snyder, we have a brand new teaser by Jason Fabok that gives hints as to what is coming in the upcoming “Batman Eternal” series that will apparently appear in this week’s DC books. Featuring the Bat-family, friends and foes all celebrating Thanksgiving (as “everyone knows Bruce loves a good dry rub and doesn’t fuck around when it comes to slow roasting a bird” – Vince Ostrowski) it’s full of easter eggs (WRONG HOLIDAY, GUYS) just like the old days, some of which are:

  • Batman sitting down
  • An owl in a tree, a not-so-subtle reference to the Court of Owls
  • What looks to be Carmine Falcone and the Red Hood on the far left standing next to what I want to guess is Lucius Fox — or James Gordon Jr?
  • Batwoman and Maggie Sawyer, still together although probably not married
  • A purple-hooded figure that is probably Stephanie Brown sitting with Harper Row, Robin and — is that Talon?
  • Batgirl, Red Hood (the Jason Todd version) and Batwing still around
  • Ace the Bat Hound and Alfred the Cat
  • Two female characters I’m not sure of at the table — perhaps one of which could be Renee Montoya?
  • Catwoman, Professor Pyg (hooray!) and the Penguin
  • The Joker’s Daughter under the table, and no sign of the Joker anywhere
  • An iceberg in the background and ivy on the house that are references to exactly what you think they are. Not sure on the smoke, but it’s probably a LOST crossover, right?
  • And a whole bunch of bones that are probably a reference to something I don’t get. I don’t know. You tell me! (I’d almost want to guess this is related to Snyder’s “Swamp Thing” run and the Rot, but it probably isn’t)

Also of note, and assuredly not an easter egg: the image does not feature Nightwing anywhere, which would perhaps indicate that while he will not die in “Forever Evil” he might in turn become forever evil’d.

Sound off with your thoughts and theories in the comments below about everything and anything.

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