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    Beasts of Burden and Hellboy To Have Crossover!

    By | June 25th, 2010
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    In a fairly surprising announcement, Newsarama broke the news that Evan Dorkin’s Beasts of Burden and Hellboy would crossover! What? Yeah, I’m confused too. But you know what? It makes sense. The Beasts explore paranormal madness, and so does Hellboy. And hey, Hellboy has crossed over with odder things!

    The comic will be a one-shot, and as it is described it will be more of a Hellboy guest appearance than a crossover, but it still counts. As Dorkin says:

    It directly follows up on events portrayed in issue #4, in many ways you can consider this one-shot our fifth issue. It’s in continuity, although basically it’s “guest star shows up and helps out”. But regular readers will hopefully find a few things of interest in there beyond that.

    Dorkin also adds that it is not likely that the Beasts will crossover with any other title. However, I have to say that I can’t wait to see Hellboy interact with the Orphan. That will probably be the most adorable thing ever.

    For the full interview with Dorkin, concerning his previous work and the recently released trade of Beasts of Burden (which you NEED to own), click right here. You can assume that this one-shot will be book of the week whenever it comes out.

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