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    Brian Michael Bendis Goes DC Exclusive

    By | November 7th, 2017
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    Look out the window – it appears that pigs are flying.

    Boo! I'm DC exclusive now

    Announced this morning via DC’s official Twitter account – and confirmed via the man’s himself – Brian Michael Bendis has signed a new exclusive contract with DC Comics.

    Bendis has been with Marvel since 2000, where he launched “Ultimate Spider-Man,” one of the books that helped Marvel establish itself as the comics powerhouse it has been for the vast majority of the 21st century. Bendis then went on to write “Daredevil,” “Avengers,” “All-New X-Men,” “Iron Man,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” co-create Jessica Jones in the MAX “Alias” title, co-created Miles Morales in “Ultimate Spider-Man,” and write or co-write most of Marvel’s large events for a decade.

    Bendis has been, perhaps, the name most associated with Marvel – and specifically, popular Marvel runs – in the course of his time there. That is not to say that Bendis does not have his detractors. His style of writing is heavily decompressed, which seemed innovative when he first broke on the scene, but has not aged particularly well, at least in the estimation of this writer.

    That said, this is about as big of a ‘get’ as possible by DC, and perhaps the change in environment will do Bendis well. A fresh universe to play in may lead to some iconic stories. And, as the DC3cast’s Zach Wilkerson said, his first book at DC will likely be one of the best selling titles of the decade, just based on curiosity.

    What is of particular note is that the term ‘multi-faceted’ in the description of the deal. Bendis has had his hand in some television work, specifically the adaptation of his creator-owned series “Powers” and some of the Marvel animated series. Perhaps part of the allure was the ability to work in other media, in addition to his comics output.

    Regardless, this is giant news, and we will be covering any new developments.

    Brian Salvatore

    Brian Salvatore is an editor, podcaster, reviewer, writer at large, and general task master at Multiversity. When not writing, he can be found playing music, hanging out with his kids, or playing music with his kids. He also has a dog named Lola, a rowboat, and once met Jimmy Carter. Feel free to email him about good beer, the New York Mets, or the best way to make Chicken Parmagiana (add a thin slice of prosciutto under the cheese).


    • So waking up to this was a bit of a shock. I think this’ll be a good thing for him and everyone. Now Marvel has to trust another writer for all their Big stuff, although they already seem to be All In(tm) on Jason Aaron. But him taking over like Action Comics and doing a crime book for Vertigo wouldn’t be bad.

    • dfh

      Wow, what? Is Geoff Johns going back to Marvel next?

    • This is bonkers. I still can’t believe it.

    • Greg

      That was a shock to wake up to this morning. Bendis moving to DC is a move I didn’t see but I’d agree that it may lead to big comic sales numbers out of curiosity. Even though his writing doesn’t often really thrill me I wish him well in this venture.

    • realbigexplosion

      Huh. This is surprising.

      I don’t love Bendis’s stuff, but I do like a lot of it, and it’s undoubtedly a big get for DC. I’m sure they’d love for him to create characters that gain the popularity of Jessica Jones and Miles Morales for them.

    • Kwesi Brako

      So this means someone else will be writing Miles Morales… I’m in!
      (Not that that has any bearing on events whatsoever)

    • dregj

      i read a list of his achievements including
      making wolverine and spiderman avengers ??
      making ironman a creepy black child??
      making spiderman a bland black child??