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    BOOM! Studios Announces “Husband & Husband” Vol. 1 [UPDATED]

    By | October 26th, 2018
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    Update: October 31, 2018:
    The book has been canceled. Original story is as follows:

    BOOM Studios have announced that they will be bringing Jonathan and Aaron Ferrara’s popular web comic series “Husband & Husband” to print.

    Cover by Aaron Ferrara

    The ‘slice of life’ romantic comedy series, launched in 2015, follows the married creators, showcasing the nerdiest aspects of their relationship, filled with laughs, love and Pokémon. The new edition will be in graphic novel format and feature exclusive strips and a brand new story. BOOM! stated it’s the perfect jumping on point and a must have for old and new fans alike.

    Jonathan, who writes the series and Aaron, who draws it, had this to say about their series: “Time and time again we are reminded that we are better together and it all started with ‘Husband & Husband.’” They added, “We like to take a comical approach on life and make people smile, whether you’re reading one of our comics or laughing with us (or at us),” and that “we’re so excited to hear more and more people use the term ‘Husband & Husband.’”

    BOOM! Studios’s Senior Editor, Shannon Watters, commented “Jonathan and Aaron bring a truly special warmth, charm, and insight to ‘Husband & Husband.’” She continued, “it’s a comic that shows you the goofy, joyous, real everyday that happens after you found ‘the one’ and the love that follows.”

    Published under BOOM!’s BOOM! Box imprint, the over-sized collection will hit shelves in May 2019.

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