BOOM! Studios To Publish “Regular Show” Comic Series

Hot off their successful comic book adaptation of Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time BOOM! Studios is now looking to publish a comic series based on J.G Quintel’s Regular Show. Announced over at CBR, the series will be written by K.C. Green with art by Allison Strejlav.

The series will launch in April through BOOM!’s all-ages kaBOOM! imprint and Green is really looking to dig into the characters of the show with the comic series.

I’d personally like to do stories giving us more background of certain characters, like Muscle Man or Eileen and Margaret. Rigby and Mordecai are fun everymen — just fun slackers to bounce weird happenings off of — but there’s more there to have fun with. The episode I look too as a good idea of what I mean is “Trucker Hall of Fame” where Muscle Man’s father died and he has to scatter his trucker hat ashes at the Trucker Hall of Fame. Along the way Muscle Man learns a terrible secret about his father (he wasn’t a trucker) but still loves and respects him enough to fight ghosts of former truckers to fulfill his father’s wishes. That was a great ep. Beyond that, it’s still early and only some seeds of ideas are floating around in my head.

For a full interview with K.C Green about “Regular Show”, head over to CBR. “Regular Show” launches in April, so better mark that calendar.

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