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    Brian Buccellato Spills More Details Of “Black Bat” Revival

    By Alice W. Castle | December 14th, 2012
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    A staple of ’30s pulp comic books and a clear inspiration for elements of that Batman mythos, the Black Bat hasn’t been utilised in years. Until now. In an interview with Newsarama “Flash” co-writer, Brian Buccellato has talked about how he plans to bring back the character for a series published by Dynamite Entertainment in 2013.

    Buccellato’s Black Bat is an updated Tony Quinn, a defence lawyer (as opposed to a prosecutor in his original incarnation) who is blinded, but soon regains his sight. As he continues to feign blindness he becomes the vigilante Black Bat. I know what you’re thinking: sounds familiar, right? Well, Buccellato’s well aware of that. “I know this has some striking similarities to the Man Without Fear, but I felt it was important to keep this key component of his origin in place.”

    He’s a classic hero who has all of the pulp hero tropes. The Black Bat readily wields guns, has a trusty sidekick, and uses his affluence to fund a hero’s campaign against crime. There is also the archetypal crime boss that he has vowed to take down. Since there are elements that have inspired so many well-known characters, the challenge becomes how does one set him apart from those that followed. Despite built-in familiarity with the character’s origin, I believe there is still a lot of places to go with him.

    For the full interview with Brian Buccellato, head over to Newsarama

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