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    Brian Michael Bendis Blows Up The Internet With Ambiguity

    By | December 31st, 2009
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    While Skrulls and Norman Osborn are pretty obvious, the last one is a bit of a throw off: Galactus. Last we saw of the big guy, he was on the other side of the universe getting his ass handed to him by the Hulk’s OTHER son and Beta Ray Bill. Oh, and there was that “alt future” Galactus being used as a battery. But that’s besides the point.

    Either way, cue various forms of speculation as to exactly what happens at the end of Siege.

    Click behind the cut for a tweet about the next 10 years.

    Not going to lie. As far as speculation goes? The “Kang” makes me most excited, especially after I put a Young Avengers series on my Top 5 requests from Marvel.

    The other things are reasons to get excited too. Gauntlet? That’s got to be the Infinity Gauntlet, which we last saw elements of in the Illuminati mini from New Avengers. Enchantress is a Thor reference, and Nefaria is a Doctor Strange villain we haven’t seen in a while but I’m going to assume will be a villain in regards to where the Avengers end up. Heroic? That’s the Heroic Age, which is what Bendis has been calling the future of the Marvel U.

    But you know what’s most exciting? Taint. Yeah.

    But still. Galactus? What?

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