Brian Wood to Write Lord Of The Rings Comic

By | July 8th, 2011
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Perhaps somewhat in relation to the upcoming Hobbit film, it looks like WB is going to be releasing a LOTR related videogame called War In The North for consoles. The story is going to be running parallel with the LOTR trilogy, and will be an action-RPG game following a trio of new heroes battling against Sauron’s forces in the lands of Eriador and Rhovanion.

However, the reason we’re writing about it today is that as a pre-order incentive for the book, a digital comic will be given to fans written by Brian Wood and illustrated by Simon Coleby. It’ll be 16 pages, and a complete work for hire gig from Wood.

As Wood writes on his blog, “I fear the expectations on this are outpacing the reality, so I wanted to do some rumor control. I also want to say that this was a work for hire gig I did, one of the ones where the creative person (me) is a true hired gun and not involved in the larger decision making processes. In short, I wrote a script and got a check and how/when/why its released is not a conversation I am part of. Which is fine, its the way work for hire is supposed to work.”

As of now, the only way to read the comic will be to pre-order the game, but Comics Alliance notes that it will be available on comiXology as well later this year.

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