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    Brubaker and Phillips’ "Incognito" Heads to the Silver Screen

    By | April 29th, 2010
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    Hollywood continues to look out for the next big thing, and just when people were prognosticating the end of comic movies rein with The Losers and Kick-Ass faltering, we have another announcement of a comic movie. It seems Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ non-Criminal sandbox Incognito is going to be turned into a movie by 20th Century Fox by Robert Schenkkan (Pulitzer Prize winning playwright of The Kentucky Cycle), and in many ways it feels like a really ideal title to make the transition (as well as the first Icon book to make its way towards movie-dom).

    For those that don’t know, it follows a super-criminal named Zack Overkill who rats out his boss when his twin brother is killed and in turn has to go into the witness protection program. It’s a really entertaining book if only for the fact that you have this man used to super-crime, killing, women falling all over him, and more, and now you have him drugged to negate his powers and emasculated by his meaningless job as a mail delivery boy in an office. It’s filled with dark humor, big action set pieces, and a lot of inventiveness by the deadly duo of Bru and Phillips, and in my mind it could make a killer film.

    We’re a long ways out from that though, but as of now it’s potentially on its way to being the next big comic movie. Maybe.

    David Harper

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