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    C2E2: Confirmation You Live in an Ideal World: Japanese Spider-Man Confirmed for “Spider-Verse” Among Others

    By | April 26th, 2014
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    Hell. Yes.

    We speculated (prayed) for this in our recent countdown but during the “Spider-Verse” panel at C2E2 Slott confirmed that the upcoming ‘Spider-Verse’ event in which all the Spider-Men of the multiverse banded together to fight Morlun would feature the Spider-Man from Japan’s 1978 live-action TV adaptation where he was a motorcycle racer who was given powers by the last survivor of Planet Spider, a world destroyed by Professor Monster and the Iron Cross Army who Toei Spider-Man, as he’d come to be known, fought with the assistance of a UFO that also turned into a giant robot.

    Unfortunately, this means that not many people will be able to read “Spider-Verse” because I will now buy literally every single copy available. 

    Several other Spider-Men have also been announced including a British Spider-Man who isn’t just 1609’s Peter Parqhar, all the cartoon Spider-Men, some of whom will be confused since they did this back in the 90’s. Spider-Man Unlimited will assumedly just be glad to get to hang around. Ben Reily, Arana, Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and Peter Porker are expected to show up as well as The Electric Company Spider-Man.

    My excitement is beginning to reach illegal levels.

    ‘Spider-Verse’ comes out this summer from Dan Slott and Oliver Coipel. Keep checking Multiversity Comics for more news from C2E2!

    James Johnston

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