Cameron Stewart Unleashes 19-Page NIRO Preview

We told you to watch for this earlier in the week and now we’re able to salivate over something tangible: a free 19-page preview of the series.

So what is “NIRO”? As Stewart explains on the site, “NIRO” is the tale of “a gunslinger cleric and a young girl who becomes his unlikely companion as they search for The Nomad – a roaming fortress that may hold both the girl’s captive family, and answers to NIRO’s mysterious past,” with influences from Moebius, Hayao Miyazaki, Sergio Leone and Alejandro Jodorowski. The comic will be serialized in DRM-free downloads of PDFs and CBZs with pay-what-you-want options (a minimum of 99 cents), to be eventually collected in a print collection.

The most important fact about it, though, is that it is new comic art from Cameron Stewart. Just sit back and drool a bit. It’s ok. You can drool on your computer.

For the full preview, head on over to the NIRO webpage. Look for the first chapter to be released next year.

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