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“The Cardboard Kingdom” Wins the 2019 Dwayne McDuffie Award for Kids’ Comics

By | June 15th, 2019
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Chad Sell and co.’s “The Cardboard Kingdom” won this year’s Dwayne McDuffie Award for Kids’ Comics, beating out a shortlist full of wonderful stories from top-notch creators.

The award was announced as part of a June 14 ceremony at the Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival. Random House Graphic Publishing Director and Graphic Novel TK host Gina Gagliano recorded “The Cardboard Kingdom”‘s win on Twitter and shared a photo of Sell accepting the award:

“The Cardboard Kingdom” was one of ten stories nominated for this year’s award, the fifth given out since writer Dwayne McDuffie’s untimely death in 2011. The award was established to honor McDuffie’s commitment to creating inclusive stories that speak to a variety of audiences, including younger readers.

If you have yet to read it, “The Cardboard Kingdom” follows a group of neighborhood kids who “transform ordinary boxes into colorful costumes, and their ordinary block into [a] cardboard kingdom.” The book was co-written by a number of authors, including Jay Fuller, David DeMeo, Katie Schenkel, Kris Moore, Molly Muldoon, Vid Alliger, Manuel Betancourt, Michael Cole, Cloud Jacobs, and Barbara Perez Marquez, while Sell oversaw the project and provided art for each chapter.

Sell has revealed plans for a “Cardboard Kingdom” follow-up, “The Cardboard Kingdom: Roar of the Beast,” via Twitter. You can check out a teaser for that book (which will release in spring 2021) and learn more about “The Cardboard Kingdom” over at its official Twitter account.

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